2013 Demo Reel from {LIFE STAGE FILMS}



We film weddings in churches, and we film them in gardens. We travel down the road to the beach, and we travel up to the mountains. We film moms zipping up their daughter’s wedding dress, and we film grandmas watching. We film dad tearing up, and the flower girl picking her nose. We document the groomsmen taking shots, and the bridesmaids laughing hysterically with mimosas in hand. We capture words spoken, that will never be spoken again. We film joy, laughter, excitement and nervousness. But most importantly, we capture LIFE. As you watch our new creation, we hope you feel and experience what these families are feeling. And we hope you imagine the moments we would in turn be able to capture for you. We don’t make wedding videos. We can refer you to folks that do. We don’t just press “record”. We dig deeper into the most important day of someone’s life, and tell a story that would otherwise go untold with JUST photos. Enjoy our new 2013 demo reel. We enjoy what we do, and would be honored to serve you…

***You’ll notice the Facebook banner above. We are OVERWHELMED at the response we recently got on Facebook for when we posted this demo reel a few weeks ago. We are even more overwhelmed at what resulted in sharing, liking and spreading this demo reel around. With over 300 shares and over 50,000 people seeing this, we were able to donate $3000 to a local safe house for pregnant teenage girls rescued from sex trafficking. It’s called “The Centre of Redemption”. Thank YOU, our fans for getting involved and making a difference with us.

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