2012 in “Rear-View”

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Life Stage Films!!! We hope 2013 brings you happiness, health and success. If you are recently married, we can’t wait for you to experience your first year married together. Cherish it!


2012 for Life Stage Films wouldn’t have happened without the drive of our unique team of editors and filmmakers. We had our best year yet in business! And I (Matt), gave the reigns to my team more than I ever have in the past. I let them run the show. This quote sums it up.
“Hire people who are better than you are, then leave them to get on with it. Look for people who will aim for the remarkable, who will not settle for the routine.” – David Ogilvy

I took some time off from traveling around, and focusing on coaching and consulting other filmmakers, to re-focus on why I started this business to begin with, my family.

We are BIG into goal setting all year round. As you all know, I am excited every year to share a “recap” of the previous year in business2010 recap here. And the 2009 recap here. It is a sort of journaling, and instead of thought of as “tooting our horn”, it’s more of a reflection to see the journey we have made in the last year. Nothing worth doing is easy, we have had a lot of hard lessons this year as we grow the business. But it’s easy to forget the important and purposeful strides we ALL make in our business, our jobs, and our personal lives. Like we did last year, and every year before that, I’d like to share with you LIFE STAGE FILMS year in the rear view mirror so to speak. If you are a goal setter, (which those in my videography coaching programs know I am a fan of), this is a GREAT way to look back, as well as get inspiration and motivation for the coming year to make it an even more successful and PURPOSEFUL year. So thanks for letting us share these with you, and please, comment comment comment!!! What are your biggest accomplishments in 2011 that have shaped who you are or what your business is? What are your goals for 2013?

  • 650 families contacted us based on 55% of referrals! Thank you! 
  • We filmed 57 weddings and events and traveled outside of the Carolinas to Costa Rica and California.
  • Matt spoke for the 3rd year in a row at In[FOCUS], a conference for filmmakers in the event industry. IF was in Charleston, SC this year, our backyard!
  • We also focused on growing ourselves as filmmakers, and learned from the best Hollywood editors and cinematographers at “Masters in Motion”, in Austin, TX! Matt and Chris traveled to this one.
  • Grew our team! Chris came in FULL TIME as a filmmaker and editor, and Casey came in FULL TIME as well to run this studio!
  • A viral music video that ends the “R” word. So HONORED to have been part of this movement. The Wright family is now our family.
  • Updated our brand spanking new DEMO REEL, and expanded it’s audience to over 60,000+ and 300 shares on facebook! 
  • We did 10 events with our brand new and VERY unique Soapbox Photo Booth, with VIDEO! Check out a recent video here! 
  • We updated our new website, make it…newer! Easier to navigate! And guess what? It showcases some brand new videos with some incredible feedback of some happy clients. Check it out! 
  • We had some GREAT interns that are now “family”. Thank YOU, Becca & Mallory!
  • New fans!!! We grew our Facebook fan base by 40% this year! Keep it up. Almost to 3000!

That’s just a glimpse. We are so overwhelmed and grateful for our families, that CHOOSE to TRUST us with their precious memories. Nothing makes us happier. Thank YOU for allowing us to have fulfilling jobs that make a difference! 2013, you better watch out!

We want to hear from you too! What are your biggest goals, biggest dreams and biggest desires for 2013? If you don’t set your compass in the right direction now, you’ll lose your way!

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