The Story of Morlunda Farms

Lewisburg, WV ~ Filmed by Matt & Jordan // Edited by Jordan // Music Licensed by SongFreedom

We’ve been dying to share this. For us, it’s not just about weddings. Capturing memories and telling stories of all kinds is our passion. After this family finally got to premiere their film to the REST of their family, we got the okay to share with all of you, and we can’t wait to hear what you think! You don’t have to know this family to appreciate their story. You don’t even have to know their story to appreciate the reason behind films like this one. Telling stories like these, no matter how big or small the legacy may be, is priceless. These are the stories that will be passed down from generation to generation and set in stone -and film- forever.

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  1. My father, Quellen Keith, was a friend of Oscars. They visited our home in Spencer. My wife and I were in Lewisburg last weekend but didn’t remember Morlunda Farm until we returned home.

  2. I used to take judging teams from WVU to practice judging skills on the cattle and Quarter Horses at Morlunda. My favorite memory was being allowed to saddle up and ride the fields one day with the farm manager.

  3. The pond pictured was the ‘ll burns pond
    He build it with his coal company.s equipment in 1952. It is on the burns family farm not tuckwiller farm. However grandfather allowed all the Tuckwiller and Nelson’s to use it for fishing skiing. And the Nelson’s often g
    Rode horses on the property at the pond.

  4. I really enjoyed the short movie on Morlunda Farms. As a cadet in the ‘50’s at Greenbrier Military School my favorite teacher, Col. J.W. Benjamin, would take us many times to the farm. I remember seeing the prize bull at the time. Wow! Was he big.

    I finally took my wife to the farm during a reunion at GMS. I think if we could have we’d have moved In that day.

    Thank you for the memories.

  5. What a beautiful farm. I grew up hearing stories as my dad spent time there as a young person. A glorious part of history.

  6. Thanks so much for making this film. I was thinking about spending nights at this farm when I was 10 or 11. Don’t know why I was thinking of this, but I did a search and found your film. Much to my surprise at 16:05, there was my dad. Robert C. Hanna, Sr., Vice President of Kanawha Valley Bank in Charleston. Thanks again. Have wonderful memories of this farm.

  7. It’s good to see my old buddies Oscar Nelson Jr and Truman Lawrence. We used to raise Polled Herefore at home on Spring Cove Farm in Philippi, WV. I used to hang around with them at the State Fair in Fairlea, WV. and spent a lot of time running around with Oscar Jr. when he would come down to Durham, North Carolina to cattlemen meetings. I will never forget the time we had a huge feast in the front yard of the white mansion. Oh, I can still taste the beef. It was the best in the world. Sure do miss those good ole days on the farm. Truman was quite a cattleman and a great horse rider.

  8. Recognized many familiar faces…Niomi and Richard Hamilton….Sam Tuckwiller water skiing ….

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