We are Hiring Again!

¬†Thankfully we are growing rapidly and in need of a part-time camera operator/videographer. It would be on a per project basis on the weekends (starting in April/May). We¬† so excited about having another person join our team, and would require … Read More

E-Session Winner!

We have a winner! Tabitha & Alex live in Grand Rapids, MI and Chicago, respectively. They were willing to fly down here! That is so cool to see fans of Life Stage willing to come from that far away. We … Read More

Esther & Jordan – Wedding Highlights

September 27th, 2008 Wilmington, NC Melissa & Amy had the pleasure of filming this beautiful Jewish ceremony and celebration. I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed editing this wedding because not only was it an amazing cultural experience for … Read More

A Brief Explanation

An Explanation of Our Packages from Matt Davis on Vimeo. View in HD HERE For years we have created wedding films for brides and grooms who want a creative, fresh, and unique spin on wedding videos. We treat our work … Read More

Chris & Karen – Wedding Highlights

September 20th, 2008 Wilmington, NC Chris and Karen came down from Maryland for a nice fall beach wedding. I don’t know if we have ever encountered a more rowdy and out-going bridal party. You’ll see the groomsmen even dropped their … Read More

In celebration of the wonderful Hallmark Holiday known as Valentine‚Äôs Day, we are doing something VERY exciting! This is kinda last minute so we need to get the word out NOW so we can come up with a winner by … Read More

10 Real Questions to Ask Your Videographer

¬†There is a growing trend in the wedding video industry that is shaking things up. More and more creative talent is popping up all over the country that is tired of the “Wedding Video” stereotype. And we welcome it! We … Read More

Leslie & Scott – Wedding Highlights

September, 13th, 2008 Savannah, GA Leslie & Scott’s Wedding – Savannah, GA from Matt Davis on Vimeo. Savannah has to be one of the most cultural, elegant and stunning cities to have a wedding in. Especially in the fall, with … Read More

Snow at the Beach! (Starring Penelope)

Snow in Wilmington, NC is a rarity. As a beach town, everything stops. So, obviously, our productivity at work suffered today but it was worth it! After Obama’s historic inauguration speech, we scurried outside to get shots of Penelope braving … Read More

Korey & Robert – Wedding Highlights

September 6th, 2008 Atlantic Beach, NC We didn’t know what we were getting into when we arrived to film this wedding. Literally. There was a Category 2 hurricane chugging along the Atlantic just a few hours from where this wedding … Read More

Our 2011 Wedding Cinema Demo Reel

This video is in HD. For best results, press PLAY and then PAUSE to let the video load in its entirety. Then enjoy! We are so proud of the work we GET to do everyday. We love what we provide … Read More

A Tribute to Pat Hingle (1924-2009)

” I have lived the most…wonderful life!” – Pat Hingle Back in June, I was asked to film a Gala and celebration kicking off the weekend of (WiFi), Wilmington in the Film Industry. Wilmington, NC is home to the biggest … Read More