We’re Growing!!!

We are winding down from wedding season and gearing UP for editing season! Our internationally acclaimed team of wedding storytellers here at Life Stage Films are seeking 1 new talented and creative video editor to join us as soon as possible as we grow with demand.

The editor position will be hourly based, part time in our downtown studio for 18-20 hours a week. We do 40+ weddings a year in addition to large corporate jobs both locally in Wilmington NC and regionally across the Carolinas.

If you believe you ARE that person, or you know someone who is, spread the word and send on these very specific instructions below. *hint* We love people that are detail oriented.* 

We are looking for someone that is highly proficient with Adobe Premiere, and already understands the importance of proper color correction using vectorscopes, exposure, clean audio and how to achieve it in post, as well as story telling ability and organizational skills within a project that encourages efficiency.
Knowledge of Adobe After Effects and Photoshop is highly encouraged, but not required. The main editing work will be on our wedding work.

If you feel you are a great fit for this position…follow these instructions below.

#1. Call our voicemail line for this position at 910-202-4455 (but be prepared to answer the questions below when you leave your message)

#2. Answer the following questions in your voicemail. Before you answer, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember to leave us your full name, phone number and email address so we can get back in touch with you.

#1. Why do you think you would be a great fit for our creative editing team? 
#2  What attracted you to this position? 
#3. What’s your proudest moment as an editor, in regards to work you have created, and why? 

That’s it! We will review all the messages and invite our top 5-10 candidates to an online editing contest and view everyone’s talent from there!

We look forward to hearing your honest answers and hope to meet you in the next few weeks if your message and work resonate with us!

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