{Caroline + Ed} a Classic Wedding (with a bit of sizzle) on the Coast of SC

Georgetown, SC
Filmed by Matt
Edited by Kara
Runtime 5:21
Song Licensed by The Music Bed

Embedded Video Below is in HD. Press PLAY then immediately PAUSE and allow to fully load for best viewing experience.

Things we LOVE about this wedding (in no particular order):

1. Just Caroline & Ed in general!  They are both hysterical and it was so much fun goofing around with them on the wedding day.
2. Chris greatly enjoyed the golf cart chase the groomsmen had before they got all fancy.
3. Being surrounded by all that nature on a beautiful April day.  Debordieu is such a breathtaking venue.
4. THE BAND! They rocked it all night long and were a perfect fit for C&E’s upbeat party.
5. All the glow sticks, party hats, and party favors.
6. The CUTE pictures of C&E from when they first started dating in High School…priceless.
7. The way that every part of their wedding day had a balance of silliness & sentiment.  Their ceremony was both serious and sweet with an extra dash of sizzle {watch and you’ll get it :)}.

buchanbp 16

Creativity By:

Wedding Designer: Ellen Robinson of WED Events
Wedding Coordinator: Katie Huebel of WED Events
Venue: DeBordieu Club
Photographer: Marni Rothschild Pictures
Florist: Sara York Grimshaw Designs
Band: Musical Fantasy
Cake Artist: Myra Ranta of Incredible Edibles

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