Why Wedding Films are Valuable to Parents Too…

Contrary to popular belief, weddings films AREN’T just about the bride and groom. With gatherings from 25 to 500 of all the loved ones that mean the most to you, we like to think that you would want to see all of them laughing, hugging, dancing and having fun, instead of the film just being about the bride and groom.

In addition, we have quickly found out, that wedding films are PRICELESS to the moms and dads. On wedding days I like to tell the moms and dads that the real “congrats” should go to them, because they were able to raise a well-rounded, successful and mature son or daughter, in a world like this! A wedding film to parents, is an emotional culmination of seeing their BABY all grown up, celebrating the happiest day of their lives. How valuable is that, for parents to be able to experience that day over again, even if their kids live on opposite coasts? Nancy, in this quick video below, says it best. 🙂

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