Vendor Spotlight Series – Abi Mattis – How Furniture Can Add Style to Your Day

Its obvious that on a wedding day you need some place for all you guests to sit and eat, but what about a place to kick back and relax?   Having big soft couches or chairs complete with throw pillows can take your wedding from just average to exquisite.  Having these details not only changes the style of your big day but creates a community among your guests and provides an atmosphere that truly compliments who you and you new husband or wife are as a couple.  More modern? Go with sleek white couches…More Funky? Go with some unique vintage sofas…etc., etc.

This week we got to sit down with one of the experts of wedding day design, Abi Mattis, who quickly explained why furniture is so important to have at your wedding.  If you would like even more info about wedding day details and out of the box ideas check out A Bright Idea: A Rental & Lighting Showcase  TONIGHT at The Atrium in downtown Wilmington, NC (15 South 2nd St.) Go Meet Abi and tons of other Wedding Professionals to learn all about how to make your wedding day truly yours and turn all those magazine clippings into a cohesive reality.

ENJOY our newest Vendor Spotlight.  We hope to see you tonight.


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