{Sarah & Greyson} Balloons, Barns, and Bulldogs

Charlotte, NC
Filmed by Zach. Edited by Chris
Runtime: 5:09

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After a proposal in Italy it just makes since that Sarah and Greyson were married at a museum, history and art are obviously a key part of their lives.

Things we LOVED about this wedding (in no particular order):

1. Gigantic Balloons
2. Sarah and Greyson having their friend’s bulldog on site of the getting ready (a really sweet dog!)
3. Sarah’s Laughter
4. Sister and Maid of honor, Kelly quoting the Avett Brothers Song in her toast: “Always remember, there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name”



The Unique details that Sarah and Greyson are most excited about:
 Shaby Chic Decor and then a party with my family and friends is what I am most excited about.

The Proposal:
Sarah said- “Greyson and I traveled to Venice Italy for vacation – well thats what I thought but I now know Greyson had other plans. The day of our arrival we checked into our hotel, quickly unpacked, and went out to explore and grab our first true Italian meal. Roaming the streets of Venice was absolutely breathtaking and far more amazing than I ever imagined. As we “got lost” we walked down an alley that opened into a quiet cobblestoned courtyard – it had a fountain and flowers planted all around – honestly I think it was a family’s patio. With clothes lines hanging from window to window I began taking pictures of the little treasure we discovered. Greyson started saying wonderful things and how important it was to be here together and before I knew it he was on one knee. Well – I blanked out and starting balling but through the tears and the shock of what was happening I said YES!

We sat on someone’s front stoop for 30 minutes because I didn’t want to leave this spot and because I couldn’t stop crying!

It was truly magical and forever Greyson and I have a little special place on Ramo Moretta in Venice Italy.”

Creativity By:

Venue- The Charlotte Museum of History
Photographer- True To Life Photo
Caterer- Creative Catering
Florist- Carolina Flowers and Events
DJ- No Regret DJ

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