2010 – Our Year in Rear-View


I think 2010 was my favorite year in business. I also think it wouldn’t have been that great at all without the team we have “on the bus” and for the amazing clients that trusted us to film their incredible events. So much creativity that we saw at each wedding. Our clients inspired us this year. And that makes “work” so much more fun! It’s also not to US, but to HIM. I give my creator and my father all the credit for what HE is doing through Life Stage Films.

As you all know, I am excited every year to share a “recap” of the previous year in business. It is a sort of journaling, and instead of thought of as “tooting our horn”, it’s more of a reflection to see the journey we have made in the last year. Nothing worth doing is easy, we have had a lot of hard lessons this year as we grow the business. But it’s easy to forget the important and purposeful strides we ALL make in our business, our jobs, and our personal lives. Like we did last year, and every year before that, I’d like to share with you LIFE STAGE FILMS year in the rear view mirror so to speak. If you are a goal setter, (which those in my videography coaching programs know I am a fan of), this is a GREAT way to look back, as well as get inspiration and motivation for the coming year to make it an even more successful and PURPOSEFUL year. So thanks for letting us share these with you, and please, comment comment comment!!! What are your biggest accomplishments in 2010 that have shaped who you are or what your business is? What are your goals for 2011?

LIFE STAGE FILMS “Year in Rear-View”

  • 55 total weddings/events. 10 Destination weddings
  • Created a 3rd Life Stage creative team! Matt & Rachel joined Amy & Zach to produce some amazing wedding films! (Video & Bios coming soon…when we have time to update website. 🙂
  • Hired a full time editor, Kara. She has natural talent and has learned from the best to bring an entire new perspective to our videos, and will improve our turn around time, which is already the best around!
  • Amy, one of our Signature Filmmakers, learned and was inspired by 40 of the most creative female filmmakers in the world for the POSH retreat. They ventured to the Bahamas for some collaboration and some much needed R&R! Check out her experience here!
  • Same Day Edits…have been something we have been afraid to do because of how hard they are. Well, we faced our fear and provided 7 SDEs to awesome families this year! Wanna learn more about them? Watch this short example and reaction video.
  • Featured speaker at the inaugural video conference In[Focus] Event in Austin, Texas. Looking forward to speaking again in New Orleans this year!
  • Named one of the top 25 event filmmakers in the world by EventDV Magazine! What an honor. Check out the cover story they did on us a few months later that tells the story of our business, and our mission.
  • Video Business Coaching (www.videobusinesscoaching.com) kicks off it’s first “Coaching Club”. Videographers and Photographers from around the world joined Matt online through webinars and workshops. This spawned an online resource and educational store for others to improve their businesses. I honestly don’t know what I enjoy more…documenting family’s most joyful moments and creating films, or helping other business owners and videographers create profitable businesses for their families.
  • Asked to be a columnist in EventDV Magazine every other month as “The Business Coach”. Check out an article here.
  • Took the show on the road and had a country wide tour of some of the largest PVAs (Pro Video Associations) in the country. Speaking, and learning from others in our industry in Long Island, New Jersey, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, and Dallas.
  • Spoke at WEVA 2010 for second year in a row, the largest gathering of videographers in the world.
  • Won a WEVA Creative Excellence Award CEA (our industry’s equivalent of an Academy Award) for our documentary work in Kenya. Check out the film here.
  • Hired to do more work in Central America (Nicaragua) for non-profit work, as well as for the Red Cross for the Haiti Earthquake.


  • My wife and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary together. It’s been an incredible ride so far, and she has shaped me to be who I am today.
  • We have witnessed our 2 year old Penelope grow into a smart, creative and inquisitive little girl. Being a dad is the best job in the world.
  • Paid the bills and kept the electricity on in a recession! SO thankful for a job and a way to provide for my family.
  • My sister Laura was married, and my brother Todd proposed to his girlfriend Sara! She said yes! Wedding in May, and I’m honored to be the Best Man.
  • Got to spend over a month of vacation, both traveling and visiting family for some much needed quality time.
  • I struggled and grew in my faith.


  • Lose 20 pounds. (All this traveling caught up to me. Airport food is greasy!)
  • Learn how to swim (properly & efficiently) so I can train for a triathlon
  • Spend more time with my wife at night before bed. Our lives are so busy.
  • Produce a short film for fun, and submit it to a Film Festival.
  • Booked 2 international jobs in Italy and Australia. I want to 2 more. 🙂
  • Create a website and NEW brand for non-profit video work.
  • 75 weddings, the majority shot by our amazing team.
  • Create 3 new products for Life Stage Films and the Business Coaching. Too excited about it. Gotta wait and see. 🙂

Thanks for listening! And THANK you to all over our awesome clients and families for inviting us into your lives. Make 2011 your best year yet, and don’t forget to keep us posted on how you have been blessed and what you will make your 2011 look like.

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  1. Matt,

    looks like we have the same goals, except for 75 weddings, my head would explode. It is encouraging to see that you are not consumed by your business but by HIM. I have been stretched mentally, physically, and spiritually since we started our wedding film business this year(these have been good things). We have had more business than we can handle(this is a good problem to have as well). All due to goal setting and staying focused. It is good to see a fellow man suceeding in this industry while nurturing his appetite for Christ and loving on his family. Keep on keeping on. Some of my goals for 2011 is to have 3 week turnaround, a system in place for each process I do, read the bible in a year, and lose 15 lbs. Hope to meet sometime @ Infocus or some other industry show. Good read and congrats.

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