P-Diddy Update! (Our Daughter Penelope) – Dancing!

I know it’s been way too long since I have updated or posted anything on our sweet little girl. She is 20 months now, and I swear she knows how to tell time. EVERYDAY at 5 PM she comes into our office, tells me to turn music on (by whining), then proceeds to dance, like this….

My wife swears she doesn’t send her in there, she just knows it’s time for daddy to get off work. Please, excuse my cheesy baby talk. :) And enjoy pure, unadulterated joy from this little girl.


  1. Too cute! She’s gotten so big! I love how she get distracted and you just say “Dancing!” and she jumps right back in.

  2. Liz Hancock says:

    That makes me happy in my heart!! She is SO beautiful!! She looks just like Melissa!! Kids are great :)

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