Life Stage Films – Best of 2010 Awards!

Hello Life Stage Fans!

First off, all of us here at Life Stage wanted to wish you a happy holiday season and say a big thank you for being our fan and continuing to follow our work.

Second, we put together a quick fun contest for you.

2010 is coming to an end and we want to know – What are your favorite moments from our 2010 films?

Please feel free to explain your answers, the more input the better.

The survey will run for two weeks (Dec. 6th-Dec. 20th) and we will announce the winners at the end of that time.

We will update facebook periodically with the status of the survey so keep watching our facebook site for updates.

We ARE awarding prizes.

1st Place goes to the Couple that receives the most overall votes. They will receive a $300 Gift Card to IKEA! to help their newlywed needs.

2nd Place goes to the Couple who’s film receives the most comments. They will receive a $100 Brinker gift card. So tell all your friends to comment!

The following eleven couples are all in the running for the Best Film Awards.

All films can be watched below. ***These films were entered into the contest solely based on the fact that these videos received the most page views when they were published on the blog. We filmed so many amazing weddings and had incredible clients this year, so check out the blog to see the rest of some of the weddings we filmed this year!

Sarah & Nate

Brooke & Chris

Penny & Aric

Kelly & Jeremy

Elana & Eric

Leigh & Derrick

Mary Blake & Raymond

Ben & Brittany

Angela & BC

Shon & Juliet

Wiley & Mallory


Comments 17

  1. All the weddings were great, but of course we voted for Wiley and Mallory as theirs was the greatest love story. We watched their wedding video when they were home for Thanksgiving and we loved it. Because Wiley’s dad was receiving chemotherapy during this time we were unable to stay for all of the reception, and we just could not remember all the wedding vows, etc. Seeing this made me cry which I was unable to do at the wedding. Thank you so much for allowing us a chance to see this when we are well and more alert. God bless!!

  2. Friend of the family. I vote for Wiley and Mallory. I know of their love story from Wiley’s mother and it is a great one. I also know about Wiley and his book. I’m a writer and have an agent now and hopefully we will both have our books published. Wiley is a great person and I’m sure Mallory is also. She has to be if she is married to Wiley. The Cash family on a whole are great people and I love Sandi Cash as a sister. God bless Wiley and Mallory and I hope they have 54 years of marriage as Donald and me.

  3. The vows were beautiful, I hope to see a video of them on their 50th Anniversary!!! My wish is they always be as happy as they were on their wedding day!

  4. The most romantic touching venue and the snowfall made a heavenly backdrop for the most “in love” couple ! The vows pulled at my heartstrings.

  5. All the videos were good, but of course I like Wiley and Mallory’s best. They are so much in love and you captured this love so well on the video.

  6. I’m voting for Mallory and Wiley. They look SO in love! Even in the cold they were enjoying every second with one another. The vows were amazing too! Lovely video. It captured so many wonderful emotions!!!!

  7. Mallory you made such a beautiful bride. i wish i could have been there…the vows from the both of you were so heartfelt and i felt every word to my soul…congrats and good luck to you both <3

  8. I feel like I know Wiley from getting to know his parents, Sandi & Roger, but watching this video brought the tears. Such a wonderful love story & you have definitely captured it with your video. Thank you for sharing.

  9. You are an amazing videoographer. My other son Robert was married three months after Eric. It’s disappointing that we don’t have the the same caliber of photography for Elizabeth as we had for Eric. We have some beautiful pictures, but the love story isn’t there. You are an artist and every bride deserves to have her special day captured the way you were able to.

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