HOPE 127 – Helping Street Children in Kenya


I have to admit, wedding cinema wasn’t my first passion. When we started this business, we were living in Mexico as missionaries. We knew we had to return home soon, and wanted some way to make a global impact from home. We started our video business, not because was an expert in it (I wasn’t!). We started the business because we knew how big an impact video has on people. We knew today, video can take a message farther than any person can. It can travel the globe faster than we can. Video is powerful. That of course, translated into our love and passion to creating wedding videos that aren’t horrible to watch. 🙂 But our mission statement for our business has always been to create videos, documentaries, and films that inspire people, cultivate change, and make an impact.

When Port City Community Church asked me to be a part of something big, I jumped on board immediately. Port City Church has had a very unique relationship with Pastor Jackson Mwangi in Nakuru, Kenya. The story of how the relationship started is hilarious, and only a God thing. Through Port City Church’s organization, HOPE 127, the local Wilmington community has a powerful opportunity to sponsor children in Nakuru, Kenya. This allows these young ones to live with a roof over their head, with food, and water. It provides them a solid education, and while allowing them to be children again, brings back their dignity, and self-worth. With the tense situations in Rwanda and Sudan, people flock to Kenya. But with the influx of population, and the HIV aids epidemic, thousands of children end up on the street, most addicted to shoe glue which leads to heavier drugs. I was amazed at what I witnessed on the streets with my camera. In the dump with people who hadn’t been touched in a long time. And I was humbled when I saw how Mama Helen’s Rehabilitation Center, that Port City Church built, positively impacted these children and brought them back to life.

This video/documentary was filmed to tell the story of their dire situation over in Kenya. It serves to also show the sharp contrast of what supporting HOPE 127 and Mama Helen’s Rehabilitation Center means for these precious children. It’s making a difference. I hope the message resonates in you.

HOPE stands for “Helping Other People Everywhere.” The 127 refers to James 1:27—”Pure and lasting religion in the sight of God our Father means that we must care for orphans and widows in their troubles, and refuse to let the world corrupt us.”

To find out more visit HOPE127.org

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  1. Today I’m especially proud to be a part of our industry. Great storytelling and great message, Matt.
    Keep inspiring!


  2. Just awesome my friend. So proud of you and what you are doing. Thanks so much for being a great example to us all. Would love to chat with you more about this.
    Thanks for sharing and God bless!

  3. Wow – that was so well captured! I love reading too how you started your video business for this very purpose. You really have a talent and skill in this and you guys are incredible at capturing and telling a story. The aid world is in great need of this quality and caliber of videography. I hope the future holds lots more of these types of videos from ya’ll!

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