AMY at POSH 2010

Amy is one of Life Stage Films signature videographers. She has been responsible for some of Life Stage Films most genuine moments caught on film at weddings. We sent her down to POSH 2010, A Female Filmmakers Retreat in the Caribbean, for some rest, laughs and some inspiration.

In Amy’s words –

“Sent on the ‘conference’ of a lifetime, POSH was both an educational and rejuvenating experience for female event videographers. I greatly thank my boss, Matt Davis from Lifestage Films, for sending me on this cruise!

This time to recharge and connect with other female filmmakers has given me the fuel to move forward in my filmmaking and still look forward to each new wedding.”

FIRST – Check out this PSA from POSH 2010 featuring all the female filmmakers that attended.

SECOND – Watch Amy’s POSH adventure. (This was shot and edited by Amy herself!)

Find out more about POSH by visiting their website

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  1. HOLY POSH BATMAN! THIS WAS OFF THE CHARTS INCREDIBLE!!!!! It was so awesome to meet Amy! I love her composition, angles, and editing of this piece – super fun story line! I am watching it again πŸ™‚

  2. Thank you for the awesome post and comments! It was great learning from everyone and having some encouraging conversations about being a lady in this business. Many props to my boss, Matt, for surprising me with such a wonderful gift.

  3. Great job! I laughed when I saw myself walking on the beach! I had no idea you were filming and never saw you….what a great quality in a wedding videographer!! haha!

  4. Wow! This looks awesome Amy. Glad you could take your skillz down to the Caribbean and enjoy yourself with some like-minded women. I’m happy to see you continue to push forward with your talent. You go!

  5. Love, love the video. Amy, I haven’t met you but Matt knows I am a regular follower of Lifestage. I agree with all of the other comments, the angles and composition of that film were incredible. Good job Matt in being an awesome boss!

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