Wedding in WaterColor…


Back in June we had the privilege of filming Millie & Warren’s wedding. It was such a fun experience. One of the most unique things we have ever seen at a wedding was an artist, just painting everything. The location, the people, small details, all in watercolor! It was her watercolor interpretation of the day! The artist, Brenda Freeken Behr, just floated around all day. We of course captured her on video, but little did I know she captured me too! Last week we received a very kind thank you card in the mail from the bride’s mom. Not only did the stationary have an original painting of the ceremony by Brenda, but a package was sent with it that included a painting of me! How cool is that!? I am going to proudly put it on the wall in our studio to be constantly reminded of the importance of the work we do and the service we provide to families. Brenda titled the piece, “Recording History”. Definitely contact her if you are interested in a unique way to preserve the tiny details of your wedding day as they happen.

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