Summer & Michael – Wedding Highlights

Charlotte, NC

What an incredibly unique moment Melissa & Amy filmed at this wedding! Summer and Michael, through dating and engagement, waited to kiss each other for the very first time until after they were declared husband and wife. I tried to imagine the anticipation that must have been building all day for Summer & Michael. You can really see how excited they are to be getting married as you watch the film and the day progresses. It was also very cool that Summer & Michael had nothing to hide in terms of their faith. Their ceremony was not only a symbol and a public declaration of their commitment to each other, but also to God. It was very humbling to see them washing each other’s feet, to show their promise to serve the other first, just like Christ did with his disciples.

They party kicked off and much dancing ensued! A very cool detail was the vintage Sun Drop and Cheerwine soda bottles. If you aren’t from the South, you are missing out on some VERY good soda…..or “pop”. 🙂 On a side note, if any bride is looking for hip, down to Earth, hilarious, but very talented photographers, you need to check out Daniel & Candice of The Beautiful Mess. Melissa and Amy couldn’t stop talking about how refreshing it was to be around them and how fun they made the wedding day. That really does translate into better creativity from your photos and wedding film. Check out Summer & Michael’s wedding pictures from The Beautiful Mess to see their work!

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Reception Venue – The Loft at Rodi Restaurant

DJ – Chris Dellinger

Song Produced by Ed Cash – Buy It Here

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