A Vintage Wedding Experience – Super 8mm Film

Life Stage Films – Super 8mm Demo from Matt Davis on Vimeo.

You would think in today’s age of HD this and HD that, people would have forgotten old film along time ago. But you see, its more popular than ever. Super 8mm and 16mm are special. Just something about it draws you in. And that translates into a very emotional experience when a wedding is filmed in vintage Super 8mm film. LifeStage is excited and proud to offer the addition of Super 8mm film for your wedding. It’s such a unique experience that we are the only wedding video studio in the region to offer it (3 that we know of in NC).

But we hear you asking, “Guys, what’s so great about it. Its so shaky, there’s no sound and its not a very high quality image. Why would I want this”?

The only response we really have is to ask yourself the feeling you get when you watch old home movies. When you watch old film. Its nostalgic. Super 8 film feels like a faded memory. And its feminine. Its not as harsh as some HD videos tend to be (not ours of course). But when you add film to an HD wedding video it adds so much character to it, it adds another dimension. Super 8mm film is perfect not only for the bride that wants something spectacular and unique, but for the bride who may not want video to begin with. Its kind of the “anti-video”. It doesn’t have the realness of video. It’s…surreal. Its hard not to feel nostalgic when watching Super 8mm films, but please don’t take our word for it. Watch our new sampler demo and let us know what you think. We would be happy to make it available to you for your wedding.


  1. steve+z says:

    NICE Matt! Fun, full of character and emotion, Very nice maiden voyage into the world of super 8! Your couples are going to love this new feature!

  2. Evan Vetter says:

    Great work guys – always taking it up a notch!

  3. jones says:

    the closeup at 1:50, FTW!!!

  4. Beautiful Matt! Welcome to the wonderful world of Super8… May you shoot much film. :) 1:50 was the bomb!

  5. Gorgeous! I concur with the amazing close up at 1:50, it is a perfect shot. Tremendous film!!

  6. David Nida says:

    Y’know, Matt, I think your new feature, the Super 8, is just like cotton. There are shinier, flashier alternatives out there, but it’s classic that’ll always be around.

  7. Lisa says:

    That was an amazing video! That was my brother Jason and new sister…you captured their true love that have for one another and it was awesome!

  8. Luke says:

    I am a videographer from West Virginia and I LOVE watching your demos. You guys are great and the work you do is breath taking! I would love to get in contact with you by email or what ever it may be and talk with you. I am a young videographer at only 20 years old. This is my love and you guys are a great inspiration!

  9. I love the 8mm logo treatment at the very end of the video. Nice touch.

  10. This is seriously awesome! I love the throwback feeling and how emotional the video really is. Keep doin what you’re doin! Maybe we’ll try and start up the Super 8mm trend here in TX.

  11. Will says:

    I still shoot 50% of each wedding with medium format film, waist level view-finder, and film backs. And as such I can relate to the Super 8mm logic behind your product.

    Well done.

  12. Rod says:

    Loved the song and how it really fit the Super 8.
    What is the name of that song? Thanks, Rod

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