What People Say

We are humbled by the great feedback we get from satisfied clients, parents and fellow vendors. Check out the quotes and videos below to see why people love working with us!

Kara, Matt and the whole crew — THANK YOU!!!!!!! I can’t stop watching the video — it is INCREDIBLE! Y’all took an awesome couple days of parties and celebrations and turned it into a piece of ART that we will treasure for the rest of our lives!!!! We can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work, time, and commitment! You have created a masterpiece!

- Lauren Gilbane

Thank you so much! Andrew and I have watched it five times already tonight! We love it and have just loved working with Life Stage! I truly admire the work you all do. Thanks so much for cutting our highlight film. It was just what I had hoped for… capturing all the wonderful moments that I wouldn’t have otherwise seen or remembered from Andrew’s and my wedding day.

- Lacy Piscke

OMG!!!!! I just watched it and am a blubbering mess of tears and excitement. I can’t even put into words how beautiful your work is. Absolute perfection. Best Wednesday surprise ever! And from my film and journalism background…kudos to you for editing all those hours of raw footage into this beautiful final product streamlining sound bites, music, and b-roll! That really is impressive!

- Megan Gallacher

Don’t tell Josh, but I watched the video just now (I’m at work). :) LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. I am so excited to get home and watch it with Josh and actually listen to it with the volume turned up!!! I am super excited about seeing the rest! Thank you again so much!! I LOVE it and can’t wait to see the rest!!!

- Michelle Cito

I absolutely love it and cannot wait to watch it all. I can’t watch it without getting teary eyed. I love the editing and the music, etc…awesome job!!

- Jenny Welsh

We love our video so much, I was balling the first time I watched it. We are so thankful for you, Matt and everyone there at Life Stage!

- Courtney Benedetti

My mom forwarded the “sneak preview” to me….and I am absolutely in LOVE with it!! Everything is so wonderful…from my brothers speech, to the background music which is ‘right on’…Greg and I both commented on it! Y’all are already doing such an exceptional job.Thank you SO MUCH for capturing the special moments on our day.

- Ash & Greg

I wanted to say thank you! We received our videos today! We loved the candy and popcorn :) the videos are great too! All I can say is PERFECT!!! We are so happy! Thanks so much for all of your help! I cant stop watching it!!

- Trisha

Y’all did an absolutely fantastic job! Brian and I couldn’t be happier with our film. It was funny, but we never even noticed you filming the day of and yet you were able to capture so many poignant moments and the emotions of all that played a part in our special day. Thank you so, so much!

- Alli Criswell

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I can’t even count how many times I have already watched the film – it just gets better each time :) It is so fun to relive the whole day, especially since Amy was able to capture so many details that we didn’t even see for ourselves. You did a great job pulling the highlights of the day together…You guys have been so great to work with!

- Lesley

OMG…OmG…OMG!!!!! WOWWWWWW!!!!!!!! We are just BLOWN away!…You captured moments I thought no one else saw – you are phenomenal girl! Very happy tears streamed down my face as I watched our highlights film over and over again. This was the BEST decision we have ever made. Hands down. You guys rock. We love it!!!

- Beth

I wish I could hug you through this computer right now! Shawn and I were so blown away with our wedding video. I cannot believe how many details you guys captured!!…When our film was over Shawn kissed my forehead and said “this was the BEST decision we have ever made.” There were moments from the speeches we forgot about and to re-live this AND to share this with our kids one day is just remarkable. Truly a gift to be treasured always!

- Bethany & Shawn

So, even after like 9 months. I still am constantly on your site. My wedding is over and done with, but yet, I can’t get enough of your videos! Amazing. Even this gave me chills. Y’all amaze me with your talents!

- Jamie Tate

Thank you so so much! The video is awesome!!! I spent all last night watching it over and over :) … EVERY SINGLE person who thought I was crazy or “mis” using my wedding money has said that David and I made the BEST investment to our marriage!! … And on top of that to receive my film before I even get my wedding photos… You guys are awesome and I can not say enough about the hard work and amazing service the Life Stage team has provided! Thank you again!!!

- Catherine Peer

Just got our highlight film and wanted to share. Matt and his team were awesome! Can’t believe I ever even questioned having a video. Best decision ever. Smiling from ear to ear!

- Paige Price

Words can’t express you well you captured the personalities and the atmosphere of Kelly and Jeremy’s wedding. Such great memories and worth every single penny. We had such great fun with you guys!! Now looking forward to KY where we get to do it all over again for Ben and Brittany!! You guys are the best!!!

- John Salmon, Father of bride

We just got our wedding DVD in the mail today! It was nothing short of perfect. We laughed so hard at some of the reception footage that I nearly cried. Matt and Melissa, you all did a fantastic job capturing all of the really important moments. We really appreciate your dedication (especially when it involved sharing the Thanksgiving weekend with us)…I’m so happy in our investment :)

- Brittani Barrows

Andrew and I are enjoying our honeymoon in Barbados right now and couldn’t help but watch our highlights video for the first time. There are NO words to describe how we felt about this video. We are just filled with awe and wonder! We were truly able to experience our special day all over again and it was WONDERFUL! Lifestage was one of the BEST choices we made for our wedding!

- Kim Robinson

You guys did such a wonderful job for Amy and Ryan’s wedding! You were always at the right spot at the right time. I love the attention to detail that we will enjoy for years to come. I missed many details and now as the mother of the bride, I can go back and see so much more that I missed on the actual wedding day.

- Wanda Fuschino, Mother of bride

LSF! We love the DVDs! Chris thinks it’s awesome, and his parents are in love with it…Getting a videographer was off the table in the beginning until a friend said I would regret not having one. When I found your work I fell in love. I fought hard for but I’m glad I won that battle…and so is everyone else ; ) Chris’s mom said “I know I gave you a hard time about that one, but I’m soooo glad you did it!”

- Brooke Blankenship

OMGG!! I love it! I cried all the way through it! I was so afraid that nothing would live up to the highlights reel but this far surpassed anything I imagined! I can’t believe how well all the emotions were captured & how everything was ordered & timed so geniusly to really capture the essence of it all. I can’t stop crying! hahaha. Thank you so much!!! :)

- Mary Elizabeth Maynard

I’ve just shared the video with my close friends here at work and am absolutely in love with it! It really captured the day and made use of so many beautiful words shared by friends, family and especially my fantastic new husband! Each time I watch it I think I will catch a new detail as there are so many combined together! I’m very pleased to see that at least one of my many high fives from the day made the cut! Love it, Love it, Love it and can’t wait to see the final film!!!!!!!

- Amanda Hayes

We love it!!!!!!!!!!! I keep watching it over and over!!!! Yall did an AMAZING job! soo excited to share it with our family and friends. Thank you soo much!

- Stacey Green