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Most couples don’t think they need a wedding film. They already have a photographer and their friends and family taking pictures and video. They think a videographer is just another expense, that they’ll have a huge camera in their guests’ faces. Or maybe they’ve sat through friends’ videos and winced at the bad music, the long-winded speeches and never ending running time.  Then they watch one of our videos, and then another and another.  They find themselves tearing up over vows given by couples they don’t even know. They can feel the love and excitement of the couple as they get ready for the big day, see each other for the first time and have their first dance as Man and Wife. They start to get excited about staring in a movie all about them and their wedding. And they add it to the budget and invite us to their big day.  Finally, they tell us that nothing can compare to reliving the most important day of their life.

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