Super 8mm – Michelle & Co

Location: Only in dreams

Probably the best daydream ever, and this is a real wedding…. Michelle and Co had the quintessential celebration and gathering of family and friends. Is this what it’s supposed to be like?!

Tents. Slip n Slide. Potato Sack races. BBQ. Bonfire. And friends and family. PERFECT ingredients.

Our own Jamie filmed this wedding in nostalgic Super 8mm. We think it fit the mood and feeling of the wedding day nicely. Enjoy this Summertime clip in the midst of the frigid winter. :)

Life Stage Films – Best of 2010 Awards!

Hello Life Stage Fans!

First off, all of us here at Life Stage wanted to wish you a happy holiday season and say a big thank you for being our fan and continuing to follow our work.

Second, we put together a quick fun contest for you.

2010 is coming to an end and we want to know – What are your favorite moments from our 2010 films?

Please feel free to explain your answers, the more input the better.

The survey will run for two weeks (Dec. 6th-Dec. 20th) and we will announce the winners at the end of that time.

We will update facebook periodically with the status of the survey so keep watching our facebook site for updates.

We ARE awarding prizes.

1st Place goes to the Couple that receives the most overall votes. They will receive a $300 Gift Card to IKEA! to help their newlywed needs.

2nd Place goes to the Couple who’s film receives the most comments. They will receive a $100 Brinker gift card. So tell all your friends to comment!

The following eleven couples are all in the running for the Best Film Awards.

All films can be watched below. ***These films were entered into the contest solely based on the fact that these videos received the most page views when they were published on the blog. We filmed so many amazing weddings and had incredible clients this year, so check out the blog to see the rest of some of the weddings we filmed this year!

Sarah & Nate

[vimeo 11619368]

Brooke & Chris

[vimeo 11836171]

Penny & Aric

[vimeo 12846094]

Kelly & Jeremy

[vimeo 13069560]

Elana & Eric

[vimeo 13154676]

Leigh & Derrick

[vimeo 14153931]

Mary Blake & Raymond

[vimeo 15033817]

Ben & Brittany

[vimeo 15103432]

Angela & BC

[vimeo 16118271]

Shon & Juliet

[vimeo 16633371]

Wiley & Mallory

[vimeo 12485696]


AMY at POSH 2010

Amy is one of Life Stage Films signature videographers. She has been responsible for some of Life Stage Films most genuine moments caught on film at weddings. We sent her down to POSH 2010, A Female Filmmakers Retreat in the Caribbean, for some rest, laughs and some inspiration.

In Amy’s words –

“Sent on the ‘conference’ of a lifetime, POSH was both an educational and rejuvenating experience for female event videographers. I greatly thank my boss, Matt Davis from Lifestage Films, for sending me on this cruise!

This time to recharge and connect with other female filmmakers has given me the fuel to move forward in my filmmaking and still look forward to each new wedding.”

FIRST – Check out this PSA from POSH 2010 featuring all the female filmmakers that attended.

SECOND – Watch Amy’s POSH adventure. (This was shot and edited by Amy herself!)

Find out more about POSH by visiting their website