Leigh & Derrick – Wedding Highlights

Charleston, SC

As we all know from Alanis Morisette, no one wants rain on their wedding day. But Leigh and Derrick didn’t let the hot and stormy weather spoil their wedding. Luckily, the ceremony was indoors at First Baptist Church in downtown Charleston. The couple wrote their own vows and when the pastor delivered them you could truly feel the love between the two. This was such an easy wedding to film thanks to event designer LUKE WILSON, who provided great lighting, flowers, and décor. The ambiance Luke helped create didn’t stop there though. After the ceremony, the whole gang headed over to LOWNDES GROVE PLANTATION for an elegant southern reception at one of the most beautiful locations in Charleston. The wedding was absolutely stunning right there on the waterway as the sun was setting. And the guests danced the night away to LOOSE CHAIN. We especially loved their extended rendition of the wedding classic “Shout!” As you can see from the video, most of the guests shared our sentiments.

Just a little background info on Leigh and Derrick: The couple’s first date was to a fireworks show on the Fourth of July. Exactly seven years later, Leigh and Derrick celebrated their engagement in Aruba while watching fireworks. So it’s only fitting that they start their marriage off with a bang, right? The couple continued the trend, only this time a little quieter. As the bride and groom were exiting the reception, the guests lined up outside and were given sparklers to light the way to a vintage car waiting for the couple. It made for a really serene moment and a great way to cap off an exceptional wedding!

P.S. Did you see that amazing lightning as they left!?

Leigh and Derrick, thanks so much for bringing us down and trusting us to film this exciting day for you both. We had a blast and it was truly a classy, yet hoppin’ party! Enjoy this short film!


Ceremony Venue: First Baptist Church

Reception Venue: Lowndes Grove Plantation

Band: Loose Chain

Photos: Jennifer Bearden

Ceremony Coordinator: Luke Wilson

Florist: Lisa Ferguson/Luke Wilson _ Luke Wilson Events

“The Dream” – A Style Me Pretty {Inspiration to Reality} Film

Have you ever dreamt while you were awake, and didn’t want to wake up?

Style Me Pretty is THE BEST and most popular bridal blog out there. It’s oozing with creativity, inspiration, and wonderful vendors. We are honored to be part of their exclusive club of the “best of the best” vendors from all over the country in their “Little Black Book“. But something that has really picked up a lot of interest lately on their blog is their creative concept, “Inspiration to Reality” shoots. They storyboard an idea, and wedding pros get together and bring that idea to, reality! We are thrilled to team up with Wilmington, NC’s cream of the crop vendors to produce this coastal, dreamy, and very romantic film called, “The Dream”. Here what Style Me Pretty had to say about the film!

” We are going to round out the inspiration festivities with the dreamiest of videos by uber talent Matt Davis of Lifestage Films. He was up at the crack of dawn to film this little ballad and it was so worth it! Quite frankly, we are left speechless and that rarely happens. It is so beautiful, so ethereal, and such a perfect end to the day. Sit back and take a load off  and enjoy one of the prettiest films we have seen in a long, long time.”

Millie Holloman produced some Ah-mazing pictures of the shoot as well, so be sure to check those out for a different perspective on the day. Here is Life Stage Films’ approach to this SMP “Inspiration to Reality” Film –

What was so crazy about this shoot is that we all had to arrive before the sun rose, at 4:30 AM! Salt Harbor Designs and High Performance Lighting we already at work at 3 AM, setting up the scene, and creating some VERY unique beach lighting with Edison lights. Our original model couple fell through at the last minute, but Lindsey and Gray jumped in enthusiastic and ready to go! They were perfect actually. We know Lindsey from Bald Head Island events so it was great to catch up and laugh (half-asleep) before the shoot began.

Salt Harbor did an amazing job at setting up the decor and “feel” for this shoot. With a freaking bed on the beach, a tiny boat, perfectly designed brunch table, and many more tiny intricacies that made this shoot a day in Heaven. That’s where the premise for “The Dream” starts…

I knew it was a perfect time to get a timelapse of the sunrise coming over our little corner of the Atlantic Ocean. But I had to have a reason for doing that. I didn’t want it to be just for the sake of being beautiful (which it was!). Seeing those colors painted across the sky as the morning went on was an amazing feeling. It was also an inspiration into creating a “daydream” sequence. With everything we had set up for the couple, it truly felt like a “dream” day. It felt like a place that couple has kept to themselves. Some place no one else knows about. A place where they can be free, and in love. So, the timelapse of the gorgeous sunrise was intended to show that although time was passing into daylight, the couple was actually entering into their own’ Dreamworld”. A perfect day by the ocean. An intimate dream. We wanted it to feel like an escape. I think we pulled it off. :)

We hope you enjoy this ethereal and intimate escape into “The Dream”.

Here’s a list of the creative folks that were involved with the shoot:

Event Design and Styling by Salt Harbor Designs
Sweets and Cake by  Flower & Flour
Floral by Salt Harbor Designs
Photography by Millie Holloman
Film by Life Stage Films
Lighting by High Performance Lighting
Rentals provided by Harborside Event Rentals
Hair and Makeup by Melissa Kinnamon – NSalo Salon
Shot on Location at Fort Fisher, NC.

LIVE Reaction at Wedding of {Same Day Edit}

We recently shot Kelly & Jeremy’s wedding in rural NC, and had some of the best fun we’ve ever had at a wedding. But the thing we were most excited was the premiere of their SAME DAY EDIT. What’s that you ask? If you enjoy watching our highlights films and have fallen in love with them, just imagine being able to see one, and watch your wedding day unfold right before you and your guests, DURING YOUR ACTUAL RECEPTION!

We may be crazy for trying to edit these the same day, but it’s totally worth it, more so, for you! We want you to watch Kelly & Jeremy’s highlights video, but more so, watch their reaction. Most of the stuff they saw on the video they probably didn’t even remember happening. But imagine your guests seeing it. What a great gift to be able to share such memories and entertainment that really allows everyone to see both big moments and behind the scenes memories that they didn’t even know happened. A lot better than a boring photo slideshow, huh?And the next day we put it on facebook, etc. for those friends and family of yours that weren’t there so they can feel part of the wedding as well! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Enjoy the SAME DAY EDIT. Imagine being in Kelly & Jeremy’s shoes watching this on their wedding day, and let us know if you would like to add this to your existing wedding package with Life Stage Films.