Our Services + Enhancements

We offer a large variety of packages and enhancement options, but each of our films come with the same foundation:

  • Up to 9 hours of continuous coverage
  • Two filmmakers on your wedding day
  • An online Wedding Film Collection that will last a lifetime!

But don’t forget! Even this is customizable.  If you have questions, please visit our FAQ or Contact pages.  We would love to answer any questions you may have.


Highlights Film:

Our most popular package enhancement, we create a 3 to 5 minute film of the most important, moving, beautiful parts of your wedding that is perfect for sharing. The Highlights Film is delivered before the rest of your package so that you can share it on social media while the memories are still new.

Super 8mm Film:

Vintage 8mm and 16mm film transports you to another time and adds so much more feeling to your film.  Nostalgic, feminine, and special, vintage films feel like a faded memory or a beautiful dream. Watch the demo reel below and let us know what feelings it elicits in you.



Imagine a photo that actually comes to life.  A moment in time that has an element of movement like film. That’s called a Cinemagraph, and we are proud to be the only wedding storytellers in the South who offer this magical enhancement.

What is it and how does it work? 

We offer this product as a photo. This photo can be used as an HD screensaver for your computer or AppleTV, but can also be used as a unique Facebook profile picture, Instagram post, or can be used for a personal blog post or website.

We can plan to capture the beauty of the venue you fell in love with, or the landscape of your destination location behind you. Whatever you decide, it serves as a mesmerizing addition to your wedding film that will wow your friends and family, and give you a beautiful piece of art from best day of your life. It’s more than just a photo, it’s a Cinemagraph!

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage:

Perfect for when the majority of the wedding toasts are being given the night before. These words from your loved ones are fleeting and precious, and shouldn’t be left to just photos.

All Raw Footage:

We don’t leave out moments we know you’ll want to see, but there are quite a few hours of clips left on the “cutting room floor”.  These moments can be delivered in full via USB drive and viewable just like a home movie.  Perfect for playing in the background during a family party or anniversary celebration.