{Rolling Ground} The Story of Morlunda

Big news!! We can’t tell you how excited we are to follow after a dream of ours that we have sadly been putting off, until now. Staying true to Life Stage Films, we are now offering Family Legacy Films for not only for our past wedding families, but ANY family that has a history, a journey, and a story they want future generations to always remember. So honored to get to interview family members about where the family came from, nostalgic stories that have shaped them, and lessons learned on this journey through life. Check out this 5 minute version of a longer 20 minute piece we just finished for one of our past clients, the Nelson Family. FAMILY is what makes us…shapes us, and these stories are going to be so fun to tell for you & your families!



We know these films aren’t just for older legacies like Morlunda. So here is one of our Family Legacy Films that we got to have so much fun with a few years ago! The stages of life fly by and before you know it those fleeting moments with your children and loved ones have come and gone. We want to document the way those stages feel so that they can be relived for years to come and passed down through future generations. Enjoy watching and enjoy every second of the precious moments like these with those you hold close!

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