{Brian + Tiffany} “Forever We Will Shine” – A Downtown Wilmington Wedding Day

Wilmington, NC
Filmed by Chris & Kenny
Song licensed by The Music Bed
Runtime 4 min 50 sec


Things we LOVE about this wedding (in no particular order):

1. The beautiful downtown venues including Brian & Tiffany’s getting ready locations.  I love their style.  The Atrium is always a gorgeous venue for ceremonies. I love the secret urban garden feel that it has.
2. All the family that surrounded them during the day.  Everyone was so close and genuinely cared about B&T.  There were so many great toasts that I couldn’t choose just a few!
3. B&T’s in depth personal vows that made the crowd tear up and cheer and laugh.
4. The emphasis on Superheroes, specifically Batman, that Brian & his Groomsmen exhibited.  Batman even makes an appearance on B&T’s wedding cake!
5. B&T’s back story.  They’ve known each other for over 10 years and have been dating since they were young.  All Tiffany’s sisters loved finally getting to call him officially their brother.
6. The sweet photo shoot moments between B&T that Chris caught on camera.
7. The custom details that were sprinkled throughout the reception venue.  Scrabble Pieces, Leave a Message in a Bottle, the rows of cute pictures hanging on the brick walls, and more.

Film below is in HD. Please allow proper loading time for the best viewing experience.

{Brian + Tiffany} “Forever We Will Shine” A Downtown Wilmington Wedding Day from Life Stage Films on Vimeo.



Creativity By:

Wedding Coordinator: Jennifer Rose of Salt Harbor Designs
Ceremony Venue: The Atrium
Ceremony Coordinator: Jill White
Reception Venue: 128 South
Photographer: Claire & Lindsey of Millie Holloman Photography
Caterer: 128 South
Cake Artist: Imaginary Cakes
Florist: Salt Harbor Designs
DJ: Active Entertainment
Brides Getting Ready Location: The Dames Inn


  1. Tiffany Debnam says:

    Love it! Can't wait to see the entire film. You guys did a phenomenal job. Thanks so much for capturing our wedding day!

  2. Sharif L Washington says:

    This is/was absolutely amazing! I wish Vanessa and I knew you guys longer so we could be a part of what was certainly the most amazing day ever!

  3. Sasha says:

    Fabulous video! Tiff you look beautiful and the whole wedding was very well done :) Want you guys to film my special day :)

  4. Tito Diaz says:

    Wow that's was beautifully done Tiffany .. May God bless you both for many years to come!

  5. tiffany, this a moment that I will cherish for the rest of my life.i'm so honored to be apart of it.Again I say thank you an I love you with every essence of my being.DAD

  6. Janis Heath Netherland says:

    I LOVE the Superheros!!

  7. Tiffany Debnam says:

    Sharif L Washington that was so sweet! The best news is that we are in each other's lives now and there will certainly be many more amazing days! xo

  8. Tiffany Debnam says:

    Tito Diaz Thank you so much– to you the same!

  9. Jill White says:

    yea! video turned out great! So happy.

  10. Tiffany is stunning!!! Beautifully done. I wish them all the best!!!! :)

  11. Oletha Coulter-Rhinehardt says:

    This is so beautiful. Congrats to your family.

  12. Mary Chan says:

    That was beautiful! You both are amazing…so glad you found each other to share your lives with.

  13. awesome. my dear niece. xoxox

  14. Darrell Wade says:

    Captain America does not belong. #nerdup#congratulations

  15. Diane Dejesus says:

    This is beautiful my darling child, I am so very proud of you both, you have brought tears to my eyes yet again, I love you both dearly.. Love is the purest most positive energy in this world , latch on to it, never ever let it go .
    Love mom Diane /Nina

  16. Deanna Hall says:

    Priceless…just beautiful!!

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