How To Get The Best Out Of Your Honeymoon Pics & Videos

At Life Stage Films, we aren’t only interested in your wedding day (although it is our main concern)!! We love to keep in contact with our couples and see where they go on their honeymoon and eventually watch their families get bigger and bigger! We’d love to be a part of all your exciting events, yet we know unfortunately, that this is not the case for your honeymoon. Since we can’t go along with you on your epic adventures, we want to provide you with the next best resources to Life Stage Films so that you too can capture great quality photos and videos together.

Cameras these days are improving tremendously with higher quality at cheaper prices. One of the main things to look for when you’re purchasing a camera is how many megapixels it has. The higher the number, the better! When we shoot our weddings we use the professional Canon 60D, 7D & 5D’s.We are happy to inform you that there are many reasonably prices consumer cameras available on the market that are easy to use and have great results. We are huge fans of Canon so we’d love to recommend their cameras. Check out some of the cheaper options on Canon’s website HERE! Below are some photos from our previous brides on their honeymoon as well as links to their highlight films! Enjoy:)

Mary & Gabe got married on Figure 8 Island over a year ago. They spent their honeymoon in the romantic city: Paris, France.

Kara & Shaun got married last year during their lunch breaks! They choose to have a small wedding so that they could travel all over Europe for their honeymoon! Below are some photos from Barcelona, Spain- Just one of their many stops together:)

These photos below where shot with the Canon SX260. Great for zooming, HD video and easy to shoot photos!

Blair & Sam had their wedding locally on Figure 8 Island and then went off to the beautiful Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia. Courtney & Albert celebrated their honeymoon in Patagonia, Argentina after a gorgeous wedding in Costa Rica.

We can’t wait to hear how your honeymoon goes and we hope you get the best pictures possible!

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