{Kate & Kevin} A Secluded Farm Wedding in Western NC

Asheville, NC
Filmed by Zach Edited by Kara
Runtime: 4:40
Song licensed by themusicbed.com. “Lost At Sea” by Isaac Hines
Embedded Video Below is in HD. Press PLAY then immediately PAUSE and allow to fully load for best viewing experience.

Things we LOVED about this wedding:

1. The calm relaxed nature of the entire day.
2. All of Kate & Kevin’s cocktail hour and reception details.  – Loved the Tulips-
3. Kate & Kevin’s adorable dance moves full of twirls, dips, & high fives :).
4. The Farm!!! It is absolutely beautiful.  Love all the trees, fields, horses, mountains. It was the perfect spot for this outdoorsy couple.
5. Kate’s long and intricate veil.

The Proposal, how’d it happen?:

Kevin planned the engagement to the n’th degree; the only thing he didn’t plan was the rain. A picnic on his farm would have been the perfect setting with a note tied to one dog and a ring tied to the other. Instead he had to settle for an impromptu abode proposal.

Creativity By:

Ceremony Venue – First Presbyterian Church – Asheville, NC
Reception Venue – The Farm - Candler, NC
Photographer – Jen Yuson
Caterer – Blackeyed Susan
Florist – The Gardener’s Cottage
Band -Alternate Take

A Very “Life Stage” Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

As a way to lead up to Thanksgiving all of us here at Life Stage  have been sharing what we are most thankful for on our Facebook page. It’s become quite the series. Spanning from Wilmington to Charlotte even all the way to South Korea. With over 1,500 views and 73 likes combined, its hard not to blush.

All that being said, everyone here at Life Stage is amazed that we get to do this for a living. During our “90 Day Plan” meeting in September each one of us expressed that we are so grateful to not only work with each other as friends but as practically family. Here in the office we start every meeting with our “WIFLE” (What I Feel Like Exspressing), we talk not only about our work lives but our personal lives as well. We cheer each other on and are supportive in times of need. Chris and I are especially grateful; such amazing and supportive employment directly after graduation is unheard of! We all know that this amazing work environment has spoiled us into never being able to work anywhere else.
Not only do we get to work with each other, we get to work with some amazing vendors from all over the world. We are humbled to work with such great artists almost every week! Over the years we have gained real friendships and the collaboration between us all is beautiful. We love it when we work with our friends and can let our hair down, and we love meeting new artists in the industry every chance we get.

Most importantly we are forever thankful for our Couples and Fans! Not only are you key to keeping the lights on but you are the key to our creativity. There would be no Life Stage without the amazing trust that our clients have in the integrity of our work. We are humbled everyday to be given such an honor! Your stories inspire our work and without your love and energy our films would be empty.


In Case you missed them:

Matt Davis-

“I’m thankful for…
1. A wife that loves me even with my faults2. Two beautiful girls that giggle and play together3. An expanded addition to our home. Makes me mindful
of the people thatjust had theirs destroyed in Sandy
4. A Life Stage staff that wants to serve our clients just as
much as I do.
5. And legs to run a half marathon when I know others
can’t use their legs at all.





Kara Stellner-

I am thankful for my ever giving parents who have always supported and encouraged me while loving me unconditionally and guiding me through life.
I am thankful for my incredible husband and my marriage both of which constantly keep me growing and evolving as a person.
I am thankful for my new super eyes!!!! 20-15 vision after 23 years of bluriness.
I am thankful for my body and my ability to do yoga and exercise everyday.
I am thankful for my co-workers who work so well with me and keep the work environment fun but productive. And of course, they deal with my craziness :P
I am thankful for the Davis family for all they have done for me, especially for my career. I cannot thank them enough for trusting me with such an important role in their business and for letting me live my dream of editing full time and being creative everyday.



I’m thankful to have a family that loves me and is there for me at the drop of a hat, for friends that “get” me whether they’re 500 miles away or just downstairs, co-workers that don’t hate my weird sense of humor, and the ever-present forgiveness that comes from my faith.
 hope to eventually “in everything give thanks.” Some days I want to scream about the microwave that decides to quit working or Grandma Baker’s alzheimer’s getting worse, but I know that in everything there are still blessings and grace. Life can be unfair, which is why I am sometimes blown away by all of the opportunities and love that have come into my life.
My high school boyfriend became my loving husband of going on 10 years. Our kids, Eli and Ada, have brought more joy and laughter than I could have ever imagined. I am so lucky to be their Mom. My job at Life Stage allows me to be there for my kids and on the weekends be creative and enjoy adult interaction :)
I could go on about my older sister finally getting pregnant after having trouble for 5 years, two other sisters getting married, and my friends who stick together through drama and teach each other with love how to mature into who God has made us to be. And who can forget jello, Hulu, shoulder rubs, Starbucks, dangly earrings, campfires and Florence and the Machine. This list pretty much never stops so I’ll just say… HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

{Jenny & Matt} – A Surprise Film for a Downtown Wilmington, NC Wedding

Wilmington, NC
Filmed by Matt. Edited by Chris.
Runtime: 3:35

Many of you will remember when we posted the cyriptic post “The Gift of a Memory“… Well this is that wedding!
Matt and Zach worked undercover with the help of Jeff & Lori of Indigosilver and were able to suprize Jenny & Matt with a film that they love.

After seeing her film for the first time Jenny had this to say:
“Thank you so much for the highlight video!! It was absolutely amazing and brought back so many wonderful memories of our wedding day. I’m am so very pleasantly surprised ,especially because I had no idea it was being video taped. Thank you for capturing our special day in such a beautiful way ! We look forward to seeing more to come.”

Embedded Video Below is in HD. Press PLAY then immediately PAUSE and allow to fully load for best viewing experience.

Things we LOVED about this wedding:

1. Jenny’s beautiful backless dress
2. The musician that played during the ceremony was awesome. Doug McFarland‘s version of  “Question” by Rhett Miller was arguably better than the original.
3. The reception was full of dancers, both serious and silly alike. They used their the DJ to the fullest advantage!
4. The cake cutting ceremony was practically a food fight! (it didn’t make it into the Highlights films but was hilarious nonetheless)
5. The groom’s family and the groom all dancing  very silly in the reception. They looked like they were having a ton of fun



This was a first for us. Jenny, the bride, didn’t want a wedding video so, her mother secretly booked us because she knew the value in having her daughter’s day on film. Mothers always know best.
The couple had no idea we were there as videographers. They thought we were intern photographers assisting Indigosilver for the day. Thanks Jeff and Lori for playing it up with us!
You may notice a “simpler” approach to the style of this wedding film. Even as phony photographers Zach and I were still able to catch the authentic, genuine moments that we love. We were honored to be trusted and invited by Jenny’s mom. We had a blast trying something new!
~Matt Davis

We wanted to share with you the bride’s change of heart. She is now a believer, and knows the good guys don’t put cameras in anyone’s face. :)
From Jenny:
“I originally didn’t want it video tapped for two reasons, one, added cost, two, I didn’t want to feel like I had to act a certain way because it was being filmed.
My mom told me the day after the wedding she had it secretly video taped. At first I was vey upset and didn’t want any part in seeing it. I’m not the type of person that likes to see pictures of myself and the thought of seeing such intimate moments caught on film made me very uncomfortable. Especially because what you taped it the real deal and among others I was an emotional wreck that day !
I was doing my clinicals at the hospital and Matt was at work when we received your email. I quickly went in a separate room to watch it. I was so blown away and moved when I saw it. It more was than I could had ever expected. On your wedding day you don’t really get to listen to what the preacher is saying or the message behind his sermon. It was so emotional to hear a couple months after being married what the preacher said and the message behind it. Also, being able to relive some of those moments. Our wedding day flew by, but now we can always go back and remember how special it was. Had it been a traditional videographer I don’t now that we would have the same feelings about it being filmed.
So, in answer to your question knowing what I know now I would have absolutely chose to have it taped prior.
I hope this helps, thank you again
P.S. Matt said he was very touched and loved the video as well. My mother in law even called me crying and said she loved watching it !”

Pictures of the “Interns” by Indigosilver

Creativity By:
Ceremony Venue- Brooklyn Arts Center at St. Andrews
Coordinator- Courtney Shaver with Kickstand Events
Photographer- Indigosilver
Caterer- Bon Appetit 
Florist- Kickstand Events
Cake Artist-  Imaginary Cakes
Ceremony Musician- Doug McFarland
DJ- Jay Tatum with Active Entertainment
Gown by- The Intimate Bridal & Formal Wear