{Ashley & Gabe} – Wilmington, NC Garden Wedding [Same Day Edit]

Wilmington, NC
Filmed by Matt. Same Day Edit by Kara
Song licensed by “The Music Bed”
Runtime: 4:48

From Matt:

Same Day Edits for us are always stressful, in a good way. Filming, editing and creating a piece of art that a couple can share with their loved ones during the reception is no easy feat. That’s why I loved how excited Ashley and Gabe were to be able to “give” this to their friends and family. Based on Ashley and Gabe’s live reaction to the film at the reception, I have a feeling we gave them a gift too. :) We used a longer more intimate song coupled with their audio from their vows to create a SAME DAY EDIT unlike anything we have done in the past. And we even through in a TIME LAPSE video we filmed of the riverwalk in front of 128 South!

Congrats you two! HONORED you trusted us enough to pull this off, and capture moments you didn’t even remember happening. The weather, the gardens and the fall air as Rubberband jammed out all night was like a dream. And Thank YOU Gabe, for all that you do and sacrifice for our country.

Embedded Video Below is in HD.Press PLAY then immediately PAUSE and allow to fully load for best viewing experience.

Things we loved:

1. The wonderful weather! It was an amazing Fall day. Not even humid!
2. Tokens of Ashley’s Grandmother
3. The “First Look”. Loved Gabe’s little smirk before he turned all the way around
4. Family! Gabe has 11 siblings. It was cool to see the love permeating.
5. “Give Me Your Forever” custom banner over the altar. Very cool and intimate touch to the garden wedding.


From the Bride & Groom:

Q. What is your favorite activity to do together?
A. Watching football, going to concerts, hanging out with friends, traveling, going to the beach!

Q. The Proposal: How did it happen?
A. We have an awesome website that we put all this on. Click Here so you can read all about us!

Q. Tell us about any special traditions or unique activities that we should know about which will be happening on your wedding day.
A. We are doing a sand ceremony and writing our own vows. I will be using some of my grandmothers things that day to honor her. I will have a hankie wrapped around my bouquet and will have her wedding rings either tied to my bouquet or I will wear them. We are using her great-grandmothers cake stand for our wedding cake. We will also have some flowers set up at the wedding to honor our loved ones who have passed away. Also, our wedding favors will be donation cards for the American Cancer Society which is a special thing for us. Gabe’s aunt passed away from leukemia and I work as a pediatric oncology nurse so this was a special way for us to give back.

Creativity by:

Event Design and Coordination- Salt Harbor Designs
Ceremony Location- Airle Gardens
Reception Venue/Catering- 128 South
Officiant- Rev. Dave Holt
Photographer- Millie Holloman
Sweets- Flower & Flour
Music- Rubberband (AMAZING BAND!!!!)

{Martin & Amy} Two Love Birds on The Outer Banks

Outer Banks, NC
Filmed by Amy. Edited by Kara
Runtime: 4:48

Embedded Video Below is in HD. Press PLAY then immediately PAUSE and allow to fully load for best viewing experience.

From their wide range of music choices, to their love of pie, their upbeat reception entrance, and their emotional vows, Martin & Amy are one of the coolest couples I have ever had the joy to edit.  Every detail of this wedding made me smile.  The Blackberry incident, Amy’s gorgeous tattoo, their perfect balance of humor and seriousness, the crazy (and impressive) dance moves of all of their guests.  I could go on and on but I think their film says it all.



Things we LOVED about this wedding (in no particular order):

1. The way Reverand Jay Bowman makes wedding ceremonies so joyous.
2. Having “Wedding Pies” instead of Cake. (all flavors too).
3. Releasing doves at end of ceremony.
4. Their personal emotional vows.
5. Honoring Martin’s mother with a heart of flowers.
6. Amy’s beautiful tattoo.

From the Bride & Groom:

Q. What is your favorite activity to do together?
A. Tough question but I’d probably have to say going out to eat together. Love the beach, day trips to NYC, having get-togethers at our house.
Q. The Proposal: How did it happen?
A. It was a complete surprise. :) We had just bought a house and moved in Sept 30. Naturally, we planned a big ol’ housewarming party, with about 75-100 of our nearest and dearest in attendance on Oct. 22. We had it catered, got a tent, hired a DJ, and really had a good time! Martin had been saying all along that he thought it would be good to get on the mic at some point and introduce everyone to our parents and siblings, so we gathered everyone around and he handed me the mic, so I started talking and introducing people. Eventually I said I’d be here all night if I kept introducing everyone… and before I knew it, there he was, down on his knee with a ring in his hand, asking me to marry him!! I accepted, of course, and then it was a whirlwind of tears and hugs and smiles! Our housewarming party turned into an engagement party. :) I loved celebrating with everyone all night and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect proposal!
Q. What are you most looking forward to you on your wedding day?
A. We really are looking forward to beginning this adventure of marriage together. We know we’re right for each other and getting married is something we both take very seriously, so to us, this really is an incredibly happy event. A close second to the actual marriage would be celebrating with friends and family. We are both very family oriented and couldn’t imagine doing this without them. The party, celebrating our love with other people we love, will be awesome and we’re not going to want it to end! And third, we are really looking forward to all our hard work, planning, and finances coming together to create the setting for this amazing day. And, honestly, we are amped about this video. Not kidding, we talk about it all the time. :) We can’t wait!


Creativity By: