{Andrew & Dhruti} Lanterns, Dragons, Tea, & So Much More in Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, NC
Filmed by Matt. Edited by Kara
Runtime: 7:00

Embedded Video Below is in HD. Press PLAY then immediately PAUSE and allow to fully load for best viewing experience.

If this Indian/Taiwanese wedding celebration doesn’t make you smile or tap your feet, you have no soul. Ok,  that was a little harsh, but seriously….

There is something mesmerizing about a wedding of this scale.  The way that Andrew & Dhruti’s wedding took over the whole venue and was the main focus of the day was incredible.  Even Andrew & Dhruti were taken aback by the scale and value of both the material decorations and the amount of support from their family & friends.  Beautiful countryside venue, traditional bridegroom entrance on a horse, gorgeous Indian traditions (Mehndi), an epic pre-ceremony parade followed by surprise choreographed dance sequences at the reception (i.e. DRAGONS!).  There is also something spectacular in the way that the love of two people brings two families together in the way that Andrew and Dhruti’s does. No one wanted the party to end! It was a sunny day not only filled with love and the blending of two families…but of two cultures and heritages. It was an honor to document it all for you guys Andrew & Dhruti…enjoy and congrats!

 Things we LOVED about this wedding (in no particular order):

1. The Familial support; Andrew’s brother learned a new language to great the guests!
2. A pre ceremony parade complete with the groom on a white horse.
3. A Dragon!!
4. Dancing…and more dancing
5. Floating lanterns at the end of the night


Creativity by:

Officiant- Dr. Pravin Shukla
Caterer- Chef Dilawar Singh
Florist- Elegant Designz
DJ-  DJ Kenz

Where In the World is Matt Davis??

Matt is in South Carolina.. for a whole week!
He’s been getting paid to be a kid again at the Carmel Baptist “Kidz Camp” at Look Up Lodge in Travelers Rest, SC.
He’s also been playing around with his camera “toys” he usually doesn’t get to use at weddings; including the Go Pro Hero 2.
“Every year I get paid to be a kid again. Look Up Lodge in Travelers Rest, SC is the home of Carmel Baptist “Kidz Camp”. 200+ kids from Charlotte, NC come for the week to learn, grow and play. Our job every year is to do a “Promo Film” to show to the kids during the week, and also send to the parents to let them know what the kids have been up to. It also creates a “buzz” for the DVD we make all the kids showing all the events from the week.
Hopefully watching will make you forget about your to do list and make you want to be a kid again.”
– Matt Davis
Cute kids, tree top swings, helmet cams and under water fun.  Matt may never come back.

Calling All Interns!

“Life Stage Films is looking for a UNCW student that is ready to learn and work hard to expand their knowledge of editing in the real world.  They are looking for a Fall 2012 Editing Intern to help us with all of our projects.  All that is required is a general knowledge of Final Cut Pro, key editing techniques, and post production jargon.  A great attitude and sense of humor are also big pluses.  Please email your resume to kara@lifestagefilms.com complete with a list of classes you have taken.  For more information:  www.Lifestagefilms.com


The intern will:

1. Help with the editing process

2. Utilize/Learn “After Effects”

3. Utilize/ Learn “Final Cut Pro”

4.Utilize/ Learn “InDesign”

5. Become Familiar with LSF equipment

6. Be cherished

7. Receive university credit

The intern will not:

1. Be a slob

2. Cry

3. Be lame

4. Leave here knowing less that when arrived



Interviews have already begun. We can’t wait to meet you.