Vendor Spotlight Series – Cynthia Lee – What a Bride Should Consider Before Buying Wedding Day Flowers

We all know what a typical wedding planning check list looks like…

1.Videographer 2. Photographer 3. Venues 4. Flowers…etc.

Flowers are by far one of the most important details of a wedding day, but why?  Aren’t flowers easy?  Well the answer is no.  In our newest Vendor Spotlight Film, Cynthia Lee of Moxie Floral Design Studio  in downtown Wilmington, does a great job of explaining why flowers are so important and what goes into making them look so gorgeous on your wedding day.  And yes, flowers do wilt after your wedding day but, they can add such beautiful colors and mood to your wedding that lives on forever in your film and photos.

Enjoy our latest Vendor Spotlight.

Have any questions about Flowers or Moxie Floral Design Studios?  Contact Cynthia via her website or find her downtown on Dock St. between First & Second Streets.


{Courtney & Albert} A Costa Rican Wedding in the Sun

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Filmed  and Edited by Lead Filmmaker Matt Davis
Runtime 4:57

Embedded Video Below is in HD. Press PLAY then immediately PAUSE and allow to fully load for best viewing experience.

Being present at Albert & Courtney’s wedding “fiesta” week, really made me see a whole new side of what a “family” really is. There were family present that didnt speak English. And there were friends present that didn’t understand any Spanish. None of that mattered. It was so cool to see everyone celebrate, truly celebrate, Courtney and Albert together. It all started with an upbeat Welcome from some salsa dancers, followed by a rehearsal dinner party ON A BOAT complete with a slide, snorkeling and INSANE gymnasts jumping from the roof of the boat. And we would bet money that no one dances with as much soul and happiness as Albert and Courtney. Such a fun “Carnival” party.

Unfortunately, since the wedding was so far from home, Courtney’s grandparents we unable to attend, BUT they were able to Skype with her and see her in her gorgeous wedding gown as if they were actually there. Courtney and Albert both made their own special vows to each other. We adored the cute little comment that Courtney made at the alter when she wanted to kiss Albert after he gave her his emotional vows, sadly the officiant said “No”. It’s so clear that they have a strong and loving marriage ahead of them and we wish them and Albert’s beautiful daughters the very best!

Such a pleasure working with one of our favorite destination photographers Jeremie Barlow again and to have our friend Adam Gilbert (a local filmmaker) help shoot this wedding. The photos and footage turned out great! See for yourself:)

Enjoy you two love birds!

Creativity By:

Photography- Jeremie Barlow
Designer/Planner- Samantha Kohn Gaggion (Weddings & Events Costa Rica)
Second Shooter- Adam Gilbert
Band- Marta y Los Del Barrio
Venue- Costa Verde Resort

Vendor Spotlight Series – Abi Mattis – How Furniture Can Add Style to Your Day

Its obvious that on a wedding day you need some place for all you guests to sit and eat, but what about a place to kick back and relax?   Having big soft couches or chairs complete with throw pillows can take your wedding from just average to exquisite.  Having these details not only changes the style of your big day but creates a community among your guests and provides an atmosphere that truly compliments who you and you new husband or wife are as a couple.  More modern? Go with sleek white couches…More Funky? Go with some unique vintage sofas…etc., etc.

This week we got to sit down with one of the experts of wedding day design, Abi Mattis, who quickly explained why furniture is so important to have at your wedding.  If you would like even more info about wedding day details and out of the box ideas check out A Bright Idea: A Rental & Lighting Showcase  TONIGHT at The Atrium in downtown Wilmington, NC (15 South 2nd St.) Go Meet Abi and tons of other Wedding Professionals to learn all about how to make your wedding day truly yours and turn all those magazine clippings into a cohesive reality.

ENJOY our newest Vendor Spotlight.  We hope to see you tonight.