Brooklyn Arts Center Wedding Show

The Brooklyn Arts Center Wedding Show is one of the premiere wedding shows in Wilmington, NC where you can meet all the top local wedding professionals in one beautiful historic space.  Right in the heart of Downtown Wilmington,  The Brooklyn Arts Center is a wonderful versatile venue available to fit all your wedding day needs in your own individual style.  This event is a fun relaxing way for couples to come learn all about Wilmington’s Wedding Pros and explore the BAC and see all that it has to offer.

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4 Weddings, 4 Photos, 4 Cakes!!!

Hope everyone stayed warm while watching the oscars last night!

4 is our lucky number today for numerous reasons!!!! Last Friday we were able to mail out 4 wedding DVDs! Each wedding was so unique and different so we thought it would be only appropriate to share some of the details we enjoyed most with you today. In honor of the 4 weddings, we’ve got 4 photos from each wedding with 4 extremely exceptional and beautiful cakes! Which detail and cake is your favorite!!?

Lydia and Travis had their reception at the Fort Fisher NC Aquarium. What a sight to be able to see beautiful exotic fish, sharks, sting rays and jellyfish while dancing the night away. Their cake went so well with the theme and it looked like everyone had a blast!


Liz and Kirk had such cute and helpful signs that directed the guests throughout the day. There was no way to get lost at this wedding! Their cake was simple yet beautiful. It went right along with the theme colors perfectly.


Blair and Sam’s wedding was one of our local weddings at the Figure Eight Island Yacht Club. I had never seen a band with so much energy! It was as if their wedding had turned into a concert. The bride and groom got on stage with the band at one point, as well as several other guests. The lead singer, Bobby from the Bobby & The Aristocats was such a great entertainer and would guarantee a fun night for any wedding. In stead of having an extravagant cake, Blair and Sam had several different flavors of “Cake Pops”. They were a huge hit especially for the kids.


Our 4th and final wedding to share with you was Katie and Jimmy’s wedding. They held their wedding at the beautiful Biltmore! We fell in love with their reception details. They had the most adorable salt and pepper shakers we’ve ever seen. The whole vibe of the location gave their wedding a very earthy and a relaxing feel to it.

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Please let us know which cake you enjoyed the most!



What Makes a Quality DJ?

Vendor Spotlight Series: Jay Tatum

We are back again with our Vendor Spotlight Series of one of our favorite DJs: Jay Tatum. Life Stage Films recently teamed up with him to create a photo and video booth, called the Soapbox, where your guests can take entertaining and humorous photos as well as short video messages. It can be tricky to decide on a DJ that will fit the style of your friends and families best. There is no doubt that music is key to get your guest dancing all night. See if Jay is the right one for you! Watch this video below as Jay explains what he believes makes for a quality DJ on your wedding day.


Embedded video below is in HD. For best viewing experience, please press PLAY then PAUSE to allow videoto fully load.

Jay Tatum- Active Entertainment