Mary Elizabeth – The Review We Could Only Dream Of…

At Life Stage it is our goal to create a lasting relationship with our clients and to provide them with a service that will make them smile for a lifetime.  So when they watch their wedding DVDs they don’t only think of how wonderful their wedding day was, they think about us and how we helped them turn their most special day into an everlasting story.  Life stage films is not just a group of film people that have fun shooting weddings it is a group of sweet inspirational humans that go above and beyond for everyone they know even if they have only known them for an hour.  So if one bride can say “Amy made my wedding day so fun and helped be relax by joking with me”, or “Zach put my shy groom at ease” that makes all the difference, that’s why we are here.  We aren’t here just to put a camera in your face we are here to get to know you and tell your story and be a friend on your wedding day.


With that said, Here is a reent review from Mary Elizabeth one of our favoirte brides of the past 6 years. M.E. & her husband Gabe were a joy to work with during the entire process from booking to delivery.  We can not thank them enough for their kind words.


Q. Tell us your impression of the quality of the packaging and the DVD/video quality in general.
Video/DVD – I thought it was perfect! I am not very tech savvy but the quality of video/DVD is amazing to my eyes!
Packaging – The packaging is PERFECT for me, but I think that y’all are so unbelievable that you could take things to the next level and be in demand on a national level (celebrity clientele, etc); at which point, I think having amazing packaging would be essential in building your brand and enabling you to command a higher price point. I firmly believe that everyone is a sucker for nice packaging (whether they realize it or not) and I believe it should not be underestimated when you’re capitalizing on emotions! I have so much confidence in your product that I think y’all should be hired to do the Obama girls’ birthday celebrations, Beyonce’s Baby Blue Ivy’s first moments as a diva, etc.
Now that I think about it, I see the event filmmaking business as a developing but still a very unchartered industry. For instance, I think that in the future everyone will have a videographer at every meaningful event and build it in to their budget just like flowers and a band!
I just don’t believe people on a large scale have realized the power of videography, yet. Once they do, I believe there is no stopping Life Stage.


Q. What element of your DVD did you enjoy watching the most? 
I’m having a hard time pinpointing ONE single element that I enjoy watching the most. However, my favorite thing about the DVD is how it magically brings back all your emotions of that day. (My husband and I could be fighting about the dishes, and then we watch the DVD and we are brought back to that day and nothing seems so bad anymore! Great alternative to marriage counseling! :))But all jokes aside, while it does seem magical that a 5 min video can conjure up so much emotion (no matter how many times I watch it), I think the film is able to do this by stringing together all these little aspects of the day that would otherwise seem insignificant (my parent’s home, expressions on guests faces, the marsh, the band, dancing, laughing, Gabe gulping as I walked down the aisle, etc) …and when you put these little moments together, they subtly contribute to setting a very powerful mood.Anyways, making a long story short, I think the clips of the “little things” as described above are my favorite. Without them, nothing else would be as powerful.Side note: I also love how the dancing and movements coincide with the beat of the music!
Q. Were there any specific things you particularly liked about your film or our service? 
Service – I loved how smiley Matt seemed to be on the day of the wedding. I can see how one would stop smiling after attending as many weddings as he has. When we were getting ready, every now and then someone from my party (including me) would make a remark that wasn’t exactly flattering (perhaps caught in the moment of the stress of the wedding day, etc)…I remember feeling slightly embarrassed at these moment and darting my eyes towards the strangers in the room (i.e. Matt) to gauge their reactions…I half expected to see a facial expression like “Oh god, another crazy/self consumed group of wedding people!” but Matt just kept smiling no matter what! He seemed to LOVE taking in all the humanity…the good/bad/ugly. And casting no judgment along the way. As a bride, I was very concerned with everyone having a good time & things running smoothly, so a big unfaltering smile from a 3rd party onlooker really put me at ease. :)


Crystal & Brett – A Downtown Wilmington Affair

Nothing is better than a beautiful weekend wedding in Downtown Wilmington, NC.

Especially when it is at one of Wilmington’s newest venues.  Crystal & Brett were one of the first couples to have their wedding in the huge sparkling new Wilmington Convention Center.  With the beautiful work of Social Butterfly Events, C&B took the WCC and completely transformed it to make it their perfect reception spot.

Matt & Buckley had the great honor of attending their wedding and meeting their families who were so welcoming and kind.   Everyone was just full of love and joy it’s not wonder that C&B’s highlights film is so lovely.

All of us at LSF would like to thank Crystal and Brett for trusting us with their big day and for being so wonderful to work with.  We are very happy to present their highlights film.  Enjoy.

Film is in HD.  Please let the film load fully before playing.

View Film on Vimeo



Ceremony Location: Grace United Methodist Church

Reception Venue: Wilmington Convention Center

Event Planner: Social Butterfly Events

Photographer: Bella Rose Photography – Lisa Brown

Caterer: Wilmington Convention Center

Florist: Fiore Fine Flowers

DJ: Active Entertainment

Only One Week Left! – LSF’s Top 11 of 2011 Contest!

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Not only do our couples win something, but our fans do too.  If you vote and submit your name and email then you have the chance to be one of 4 fan winners!  4 names will be selected at random and those 4 lucky fans will each get a $25 gift card to Pottery Barn or IKEA! :)

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