Why Invest in a “Highlights Film” of Your Wedding?

One of our most popular “enhancements” to our final product is the “Highlights” film. It’s a 4-5 minute vignette/trailer/montage of all the emotional and heartfelt moments of your wedding day created for the sole purpose of being easily shared and easily enjoyed. We know not everyone wants one, that’s why it’s not included with our full feature film when you reserve us. But the great part of having one is that you receive it WAY before the feature film is edited, and you can share it instantly online via facebook/blog/twitter so even friends and family that weren’t able to attend your wedding can be swept away by the beauty and emotions of that day. And who doesn’t want to show off the best day of their life?! See for yourself below how awesome it is to share this 5 minute film with your most important loved ones.

See Joie’s Highlights Film HERE

Joie's facebook love

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  1. Amen to the highlights video! We ADORED ours and another reason we love it is because it’s so easy to share with our friends around the world in a 5 minute segment. It captures our day just perfectly and I’d be soooo sad if I didn’t have it as part of our package. We love you guys AND our wedding video! 🙂

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