Todd & Sara – A Secret Proposal Video

Oak Island, NC
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So, I’ve known Todd a lot longer than Sara. Mainly because he is my brother. šŸ™‚ But Sara, I believe, will fit right in with our family nicely, and we have been privileged to get to know her throughout the last 4 years. Todd and Sara met at Appalachian State University (Go APPS!), but really got to know each other as counselors at Camp Caswell at Oak Island, NC during the summer of 2007.

For their 3 year anniversary, Todd took her back to the pier bench where he asked her to be his girlfriend, but there was a catch. You see, his brother is a videographer :), and Todd came up with the brilliant idea to film the proposal in secret. It was risky, it was fun, and it was emotional. SO honored to have been a part of Todd’s little proposal scheme. (I was hiding behind some bushes and trees, squatting beneath my tripod, 7D and a 70-200mm lens)
Afterwards, I also did an inpromptu interview with both of them at home so that we all as the viewers could get a backstory into their story, and exactly what Todd said on the beach that day. Did Sara say yes?! You’ll just have to watch and see! šŸ™‚

P.S. He is also pretty creative himself. He has been a drummer all his life, and just recently was with the band Philmont, traveling around with David Crowder band, Michael W. Smith, etc. Now he went back to school and is finishing up an audio/video degree in production. check out his recent radio commercial!


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  1. It’ been a long time we wish you much happiness,and say hello to Sara from us. we will look forward meeting Your beautiful bride.

  2. That dude looks just like you!! What a sweet sweet afternoon and video capture–so excited to see the wedding (but who’d gonna film the thing??)

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