Adeline Juliana Davis was born on November 19th, 2011 at 12 noon, weighing 7 pounds, immediately turning us into a pile of mush. I was smitten when Penelope was born, and I never thought it would be stronger the second time. How can you love two children so differently, yet so unconditionally??

This Thanksgiving has a new meaning to us this year. It’s embarrassing to say, but I think this might be the first Thanksgiving I am TRUELY THANKFUL, and not just excited about eating lots of good food.

I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such an awesome community of friends and family. We felt your prayers when we had to stay with Adeline in NICU for the last week as she battled breathing problems. I am thankful for NEW LIFE. And I am thankful we have her home now under the umbrella of the ONE who gives life, and can take it away.


This year I have so much more awareness of things I am thankful for. And here’s my top 5 list. 

1. My growing family that includes my supportive wife, 2 beautiful daughters and lovable Boxer, Bella.

2. My Life Stage Films creative team. BEST AROUND. So humbling to know I can step away from the business for a week to be with Adeline in the hospital and they create and pump out multiple wedding films, filming weddings, without skipping a beat. They are talented. And they are appreciated. I could not do this, and families WOULD NOT have the best wedding film around without the hard work of Kara, Amy, Zach, Ryan, Buck, Nathalie and Chris.

3. I am thankful I get to witness my oldest daughter Penelope interacting and loving her new sister. Seeing her hold Adeline brought me to tears. Girls are awesome. Especially MINE.

4. My grandfather. He has left a legacy with me and my family that I could never duplicate. This Thanksgiving he has given us a gift that I truly don’t deserve and he is impacting future generations of the Davis family. He is an example of what it looks like for a man to take care of his family. Thanks HC.

5. My Savior. I don’t deserve what we have been given. I constantly “spit” in his face with my actions and thoughts, and yet he allows me to always come running back. Having children, I can finally begin to see now, what Grace and unconditional love means. It might take me a lifetime to figure it out, but I am thankful none the less for what this new season means to me and to all of us.

Now….myself and the Life Stage Crew can’t wait to finish out 2011 strong and create a legacy for other families that trusted us this year. Many more weddings to edit and deliver in December, and we can’t wait! Merry Christmas!!!

– Matt


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