A Biltmore Estate Wedding w/ Surprise Fireworks

Asheville, NC
Filmed by Lead Filmmaker Matt Davis
Embedded video below is in HD. For best viewing experience, Please press PLAY then immediately PAUSE to allow film to fully load


A message from the Bride and Groom after they watched it…

“The video is unbelievable! And the song…. Absolutely beautiful!! We both cried! We are in awe of what you have done. Words can’t express how much we love it !!!! We’ve watched it at least 10 times already!!
Can’t wait to see more!”

Eric and Lisa

Here’s what you’ll love about this wedding.

1. Lisa and Schneider’s children were the bridal party, and they each read a line from a sweet poem during the ceremony.

2. Speaking of ceremony, it was in a wine cellar. A cave, filled with candles. It was amazing.

3. The Largest house in America was one of their backdrops.

4. The design. Check out the lights and the draperies for their reception in the Loft of the Biltmore Stable.

5. The SURPRISE fireworks. They had all their friends and family walk to the top of the hill at the “Diana” stature, and timed their speech to be finished right when the amazingly beautiful fireworks went off. Even got a candid reaction from the mother. 🙂


Lisa and “Schneider”, we are HONORED that you looked up and down the East Coast for the perfect filmmakers for your wedding, and you trusted us. Your wedding was sweet, and…. honest. It was refreshing. Congrats to you and your now larger family!

The pros:

Venue: The Biltmore Estate

Photographer: Woodward and Rick

Florist: The Flower Gallery

Band: The Heather Hayes Experience

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  1. I cannot believe how truly extraordinary this video is! It made me cry…even after watching it for the fifteenth time!

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