Todd & Sara – Charlotte, NC (my brother & sister-in-law)

Filmed by associate filmmakers Zach and Amy.

This is a fulfilling job. Being able to capture weddings for families never gets old. Today, it got even better. 

Not only am I proud of my team for being able to represent the style and quality that I started this business for, I am proud to be able to tell my brother, Todd, and his new wife and my new sister, Sara’s wedding story.  (to get to know Sara and Todd, and see Todd’s GREAT proposal caught on film, check out this video we produced for them)

It’s really weird…seeing my family and Todd’s friends that I have grown up knowing, on my computer screen. I got teary eyed listening to the message from my cousin Shane (the pastor), as he talked about how my dad would have been proud of Todd and Sara. Seeing Sara’s dad proudly give her hand to Todd’s and then step in front of them to driver a prayer and message of promise that we could all learn from.

Although it’s not my wedding, seeing all of Todd and Sara’s loved ones, which in turn are also mine (including that adorable flower girl!) really gave me a window into seeing what our happy clients actually see from their wedding days. I loved this day…but enough about me.

Todd and Sara, Melissa and I are proud to call you friends and look forward to sharing “life” with you as brothers and sisters. I love that hand we were dealt as a family. The good and the bad. I am honored to be your “big” brother Todd and seeing you guys together through this lens is inspiring. I can’t wait to see where God takes you guys.” Enjoy this film, and thanks for trusting us to capture these bigger and smaller moments from your day.

Your bro,


The Sweetest Love – Meghan & Matt

Filmed by associate filmmaker Amy.
Greensboro, NC

Open heart surgery. And selflessness.

Here is a snippet of one of the sweetest weddings we have ever been a part of. Meghan & Matt are such a beautiful couple inside & out. These personal vows along with the Father of the Bride’s special toast were our favorite part of their wedding film, so much so, that we had to share it with you.
These moments are what wedding filmmaking is all about. This film made all of us at LSF a little teary eyed every time so get some tissues ready and enjoy this small look into Matt & Meghan’s big day.

We are so pleased to have gotten to work with these two and so thankful that they loved their film and their overall Life Stage experience. Read what they said below about their choice to have LSF document their wedding day.


“Groovetown” Band [The Music Video]

Run. Book this band for your wedding now before their 2012 is filled up.

We have had the privilege of working with “Groovetown” at a few weddings this year, and have continually been blown away by their musical talents, but more so, their entertainment value for weddings. They play EVERYTHING. Can cater to any demographic. And they aren’t like the typical band that takes breaks throughout the night right when everyone is getting warmed up. They play good, crazy good, music for 3 hours straight. They are good at what they do. So naturally, they got so sick of seeing us at the same weddings, they decided to hire us for what we do best, video!

Check out these promo films we filmed for them this fall, using clips from actual wedding we were both at to highlight just how much fun people have at weddings where they perform. Also, listen to what this bride says about her experience with Groovetown. I want to get married again (to the same girl!:) just so we can have them play at our wedding.

Thanks guys at GT, for trusting us for capturing the “essence” and talent of what you guys are all about. Looking forward to many more weddings with you!

***Videos embedded below are in HD. Please press PLAY then allow video to fully load to enjoy without interruption ***

And WITH Leah, their female vocalist option for weddings…