We have a Proposal for You…

At Life Stage we have had the honor of taking every special unique heartfelt second of our couples’ wedding days and creating beautiful films. We love to make these films and help our couples remember  every aspect of their wedding day  for the rest of their lives.  Now all of this brings me to the idea...Why not film the Proposal?! There is just as much excitement and emotion put into the few minutes that make up a proposal as there is in the hours that make up a wedding day. So why not document that part too.

Last July we were able to film Matt’s brother Todd propose to his girlfriend (now wife) Sara. This was shot totally ninja style by Matt who was secretly recording in the bushes so that he could catch Sara’s real reaction when Todd popped the question. This then became an extraordinary six minute film including the whole proposal along with interviews of Todd and Sara talking about their relationship and the proposal day itself.  We had such a great time filming their proposal, editing the film, and then surprising them with it that we would love to create more Proposal Stories just like Todd and Sara’s.

After going on Youtube and searching wedding videos I realized that there are so many unique proposals! Wouldn’t it be great if a videography company could capture those proposals and make a high quality short film about it? I think that would be epic. Here are some of the video’s I found that I wish Life Stage or another company like us could have filmed.

First I present to you the ULTIMATE proposalhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D73SQtCDuvc

The owner of Life Stage Films and my Boss, Matt Davis, proposed to the lovely Melissa Davis in 2004. He wrote this tale of Cowboys and Indians, a rescue mission, and true love just to impress the love of his life. What an amazing day!

Next: Movie Trailer proposal-EPIC- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnVAE91E7kM – What a great surprise for this lucky girl. Also perfect if the girl of your dreams is a movie buff.

They really Stepped Up -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQVoAWSP7k4 -All these gents break out their dance moves to help their friend with his proposal-  Every guy should do this, she’ll never say no!

OOOH MYYYYY – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CM6Rooocyw -Did you gasp? I did!

And last but not least -http://vimeo.com/20752067- Check out Life Stage’s ninja filming of Todd and Sara’s proposal day. Just try not to smile when you hear their super sweet story.

Life Stage would love to be a part of your exciting romantic proposal day.  We welcome all the unique ideas you can come up with and are looking forward to making many more Proposal Stories! :)  -Casey

Amazing Fireworks Finale at Wedding – Biltmore House

Asheville, NC

Lisa and Scheider decided that for their wedding to be truly intimate, they needed to invite their loved ones to one of the most beautiful havens in the world. The Biltmore House, “America’s Largest Home”, nestled in the mountains of NC. And what better way to surprise everyone present, than with an epic fireworks display in front of the house. It was fitting, and it was hard to film and not be mesmerized at the same time. :) Enjoy this “Coming Soon” trailer that should “tease” you a little bit with how Lisa designed this gorgeous event, and had their ceremony in the cellar at the winery!

Venue & Catering: The Biltmore Estate

Planner/Designer – Tamara Heston w/ Bella Soiree Events

Photography: Woodard and Rick

Florist: The Flower Gallery

Band: The Heather Hayes Band

2012 Trends: The Good, The Bad, And The Been There Done That….

Here at Life Stage we have already had several brides book their wedding film for 2012! We are so excited about seeing what these amazing women have in store for their big day.  So excited in fact that I spent hours researching to see what the media says the new trends for next year will be. Here is a little preview of what I discovered, the good, the bad and the been there done that for 2012. Enjoy this look at all the clever idea’s coming our way!


First of all let’s recap this years popular trends.  All summer we have seen unique outdoor venues, beautiful fairyland lanterns, tents, and extraordinary vintage décor. Before the Spring and Summer of this year we had hardly seen anything like these fairyland outdoor vintage venues. Life Stage has had the honor of filming several weddings with vintage décor and I can tell you that these weddings have been such a beautiful thing to capture on film. Here at the Studio we ooooo and awww over the raw footage even before it is edited.  What a perfect picturesque way to celebrate your special day.

Screen shot 2011-07-26 at 9.38.23 AM This year brides have pulled out their antique gowns, old typewriters, mason jars and crazy colors to create the vintage theme that has taken over 2011. The Vintage style has varied between muted circus yellows and red decorations to elegant metallic bridesmaid gowns. Every detail from the colors to the guest book has created a unique touch to each wedding film. Each version of vintage has been such a beautiful thing to admire and experience. It only shows how much style and marvelous creativity these 2011 brides have.  Great work ladies!

Screen shot 2011-07-26 at 9.39.56 AM

Now moving on the 2012! Lets hope the Mayans were wrong about the world ending because there are a few really amazing trends in store. Not only are there new trends, but great inspiration. I’m sure everyone can guess where this inspiration comes from, Kate Middleton and the Royal Wedding of course! The Duchess in her lace Victorian gown by Sarah Burton has begun a surge in Victorian lace gowns production.  Vera Wang’s spring collection sneak peek shows us what is in store. This rise in elegant dresses is a big jump from the wispy, simple vintage gowns that dominate 2011.  And by the time the year is out what a breath of fresh air this new style it will be!


For wedding color and flowers, much softer looks are coming our way. Peonies, pink roses, and plush blooms collide with the new dress trend to create a softer look to the event. In one of our recent weddings the bride had a bouquet of pale pink peonies and it was absolutely lovely on and off camera.

Screen shot 2011-07-26 at 9.40.44 AM

In the area of colors, neutrals will be making an entrance to the wedding scene. These colors have made their way into the 2011 scene as well where they blend into the antique decor.  Their appearances will become more and more prominent in the oncoming year and blend in beautifully with the new flower trends.  An elegance the wedding world has not seen for a long time is returning little by little.

Wine tasting has always been thought to add a sophisticated feeling to any event and now weddings are no exception. Honestly, during cocktail hour there is no better shot than the shimmer of a glass filled with wine in a guest’s hand. Therefore, this new sophisticated (rumored) addition to 2012 weddings is so exciting for us at Life Stage.

The only thing left to ask is what delightful 2011 trend will be leaving us?  Bright neon colors add a fun pop to a wedding but have had their time.  After being used over and over again in the past year they need a rest so when they become popular again it will be a pleasant surprise. Vintage weddings also look like they will be saying a bittersweet goodbye. Though they leave behind some of their rustic colors and décor the overall domination they have had on the world this summer will draw to a close. Not for long I’m sure, they were so popular and funky that with in a few years the trend is almost certain to return.

What an exciting year we have to look forward too, and it is only July!  I hope this has given any 2012 brides some idea of what will be out there next year. Here at the studio we will be all over the new details and trends each bride brings us in the oncoming months. Remember to stalk the blog for what we are filming and maybe see the fashion changes unfold as we move towards a new and elegant year!

My name is Casey Hren and I have the honor of interning with Life Stage this summer. I have always been interested in event filmmaking and thanks to Matt Davis and the team here at the studio I was able to observe how a creative film company works. I have enjoyed every second of what I have done here as the Marketing Intern. Currently I am going into my sophomore year at Cape Fear Community College.  I love writing and I hope to travel A LOT before I kick the bucket. Anyway, thats me! Thanks again to the AMAZING Life Stage Team, Matt and Melissa Davis for this awesome summer. I’m having a blast!