Joey & Carrie – Outer Banks Wedding Highlights

Duck, NC

The video is in HD. For best performance, please press PLAY then immediately PAUSE and let load all the way. Enjoy. :)

The Outer Banks of N.C. is one of the best places IN THE WORLD to have a wedding or vacation. Glad it’s our best kept secret….right? :)

Dolphins during the ceremony? A “first look” under an NC lighthouse? An excited couple that knows how to celebrate? The best message during a ceremony ever? (Rev. Jay Bowen, love that guy) A James Brown Tribute Band? Insanely talented event design? An epic sunset on the water?

Yes. Joey & Carrie’s wedding day had it all. Just watch and enjoy. It’s almost impossible how perfect Joey & Carrie’s wedding day was, and me and Rachel had the privilege of filming one of the best days we have ever had on the “job” at Life Stage Films. We couldn’t stop filling this highlights film with all the great things spoken during the toasts, especially from Carrie’s sister and dad, so we chose to use them as “lyrics” to their film’s soundtrack, because honestly, it was the perfect way to tell their wedding day story.

Joey & Carrie’s wedding included an all-star cast of the Outer Banks best creative pros who we LOVE working with every time we shoot a wedding there. Nannette, with a Proper Setting creative arguably one of the best event designs we have had the privilege of filming, with the help of course of Holiday House Florists. I mean, did you see the tent, the center pieces and the amazing arbor on the beach?! Working with The Sanderling Resort and Mary Basnight Photography was an amazing breeze, much like the calm breeze we had on the beach that day. Couldn’t have asked for better weather for a beach wedding. I’m also still tapping my feet to The Big Payback, only the best James Brown Tribute Band.

Rachel and I had an absolute blast filming this amazing day. It had all the ingredients for an epic wedding.

Thanks Joey & Carrie for trusting us to capture this absolutely perfect day. It’s days like this, and families like yours that truly make us pinch ourselves for the work that we get to do.
– Matt

Words from a Happy Bride :)

Picture 8

The Life Stage Films team recently finished and mailed Austin & Melissa’s DVDs.  Their  beautiful sunny fun wedding day down at Ocean Isle Beach was such a joy to both shoot and edit.  The LSF Team put a lot of time, effort, and care into making Austin & Melissa’s perfect wedding film and apparently we succeeded.  Austin & Melissa got their DVDs the other day and immediately told us what they thought.

Check out these kind words Melissa gave us about her final product and her Life Stage Films experience:

About the final product:  “I thought the packaging was great! I had anticipated the DVD’s not coming until April. I was off work the day it arrived and had no idea what it was. I had planned a nice romantic meal for Austin that night, so when I got the DVD’s it was like the icing on the cake. It was perfect. I loved the popcorn and the hand written note. It was very personable.”

About the wedding day: “I loved Amy she was amazing. I didnt get to spend much time with Zach, but the guys seemed to really like him.  Amy was very open and aware of things that we spoke about. It felt very comforting to share that time with her.”

About the final film: “I loved to be able to see what the guys were doing while I was going crazy getting ready, haha.”  “Austin has watched the video twice, his dad watched it 2 or 3 times, and his mom has watched it four times; each time with a different person. I just gave my mom her copy tonight and she is watching it as we speak. I have only watched it once, but will be watching it again tonight.  Everyone has raved about what an amazing job you did. This was a part of our wedding that Austin and I bickered about in the beginning, but it was something I didnt want to give up on and stood my ground, but after Austin watched it, he said, “You were right”.

All of us at Life Stage films are thrilled we could make Austin and Melissa so happy and that we could give them something to cherish for the rest of their lives.

Life Stage Films would like to give a big THANK YOU to Austin & Melissa. We look forward to keeping up with you guys as friends. 😀

Photo by Albright Shotz Photography

A Message to Our Future Couples – Testimonials from the Past

Congratulations, on your engagement! We are not only ecstatic for you and this new chapter of your lives, but humbled you have stumbled into our corner of the world and see value in the type of gifts we provide families with well-produced, handcrafted wedding films. If you are looking for a “videographer” to simply press record and document your event, we might not be a great fit for you. We strive to go SO MUCH DEEPER than that. And we encourage you to dive in and see how. :)

This short 5 minute film has 2 purposes. To allow our potential couples to see the kind of work and emotions they can expect from our studio, and to give them comfort and affirmation in knowing that our past clients have had their expectations exceeded and were thoroughly valued and taken care of.

We hope this film gives you, our future bride and groom, an idea of the kind of attention you deserve from a videographer on your wedding day, and what kind of people we are. After all, hiring a videographer to spend an entire wedding day with you and your family is a VERY personal decision. You need to know you can like us and trust us. We think you will. :)

Enjoy what these couples had to say about not only Life Stage Films, but also the value of having a well done, emotional and true to THEM, wedding film.
It would be hard not to find a bride that didn’t get a wedding video say she didn’t regret that decision later. It would be hard not to read an article in a wedding magazine that doesn’t affirm their feelings as well. And for those that value what an important investment a wedding film is in their budget, it’s hard for them to see how not recording a LIVE event like their wedding day is something that is debatable.