Trash the Dress…Seriously Trashed.

Stepping outside of the norm of your everyday projects to boost your creativity, is a necessary exercise, and this “Trash the Dress” concept video was definitely outside the norm! We had a blast playing around with this concept video. Most have heard of a “Trash the Dress” shoot. They have been around for years. The hard part is finding a bride who doesn’t mind clearing out closest space where her dress is hanging up, and then actually destroying the dress she searched so long for. You may say, “Matt, this is silly, why would someone want to destroy their wedding dress?”. Don’t ask me, I’m not a bride, but you’ll see from this video, that local Wilmington model Jen Treece almost had too much fun splattering swamp mud all over her, having crawdads crawl up her dress in the creek, cut up the dress with scissors and then finish off the job with a can of spraypaint.

The premise of this “dream-like” sequence is that the bride has fallen prey to the “cheesy” studio photographer. Having to be posed in ridiculous “Olan Mills” positions. She then trails off and imagines what she would realllly want to do. What her perfect, cathartic photo shoot experience would be. The ending hopefully will make sense to you. 🙂

Special thanks to Jeff Poole of Indigo Silver Photo Studio for collaborating and bringing great ideas to the table. To clarify, he is ANYTHING but the cheesy photographer, as most of his images have a foundation in fashion photography.

Without further ado, enjoying watching Jen utterly destroy her dress and have the time of her life doing it. 🙂

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