The Spazmatics – The Best Nerd Band

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We got the honor of getting to see & hear The Spazmatics earlier this year at Sarah & Nate’s wedding.

It was such a great party and The Spazmatics rocked the house all night long.  They played all the best 80s hits and kept the energetic crowd on their feet.  We had a blast filming and editing Sarah & Nate’s wedding but without The Spazmatics the film and wedding just wouldn’t have been as awesome.

So without further ado, let me present…THE SPAZMATICS!

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  1. I recently shot a wedding with the Spazmatics in Southern California area! My friends from school actually started the entire movement but I’ve seen them perform just for fun several times throughout the years! They have several bands throughout the country. We all had dinner together and they were a sweaty mess! 🙂

    They really give their whole heart and every ounce of energy to their performance and the guests just eat em up! I didn’t see the nerd glasses at mine, but what a great funny idea!

    My only challenge with the reception is that 99% of the time, the guests were facing one direction (towards the stage) and limited my angles.

    Nice footage Kara!

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