Jenn & Steve – Wedding Highlights

Wilmington, NC

Classy venue/decor + excited bride and groom = great wedding day! That’s how Melissa and Amy felt after filming this wedding. We included a lot of the sounds of Jenn & Steve’s wedding day because it really does paint the perfect picture of just how excited these two were to get married. I love the shots Melissa got of Jenn with all of her girls surrounding her as she put on the dress. Such an exciting time, and its inspiring to see friends and family getting just as pumped for the bride. I love how everyone is so care free and happy during the events leading up to the wedding. As they should be. You could tell that the only thing that mattered to Jenn and Steve that day was their public covenant to each other in front of everyone….that and the party afterward and their honeymoon to Bora Bora, as you’ll hear Jenn & Steve get so thrilled about just seconds after the walk down the isle. 🙂

Bellamy Mansion always serves as an amazing backdrop for a classic southern wedding, and it was so neat to see these two introduced as husband and wife in that setting with the sun going down behind them. I also want to give credit where credit is due to Steve for nailing that choreographed first dance! He didn’t miss a beat! We hope you guys enjoy this touching recap of your day. Even though we were stuck up in the balcony during the ceremony, your video illustrates just how much your excitement to be married  permeated throughout the entire congregation of your friends and family. Enjoy!

The Ingredients:

Venue: Bellamy Mansion

Photography: Millie Holloman

DJ: Jay Tatum

Florist: Hart’s Florist

Song produced by Strays Don’t Sleep – Buy It Here

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