Penny & Aric – Wedding Highlights

Chapel Hill, NC

Watch Penny & Aric’s Highlights Film on Vimeo

Nothing means more to us when future brides “stalk” our blog for years for inspiration, ideas and a stress relief from everyday life…and then call us the moment they get engaged! You know what’s even better? When that future bride is a professional wedding pro themselves! Penny is a truly talented NC photographer, and it meant so much to us that she wanted us at her wedding as soon as she was able to make that decision. Bubbly, content, and contagious are words that we use to describe Penny around here after watching her wedding film unfold and of course, after we spent time with her and Aric during their wedding day. We loved this wedding for it’s southern charm. The quaint chapel, the birdcage veil, the Carolina Inn, and of course the hospitality of both Aric and Penny’s friends and family. A very unique detail about this wedding, is that the entire bridal party were children. We loved it. At times though it’s safe to say Penny’s Maid of Honor stole the show. :) One of the things that resonated with us as we watched the ceremony through the lens, is how Penny looked at Aric, and would sneak in an occasional “wink”, which we caught. And during their first dance? Everyone seemed to fade away, you could see they were IN the moment. Great stuff. Also impressive was the cake exchange. Pretty bold of both of them to attack each other. But hilarious to watch! Also get a feel for their wedding day by checking out Rachel from Millie Holloman Photography’s blog. She captured some amazing moments as well!

Thanks so much Penny, for trusting us, and also becoming friends. This wedding day was fun and memorable, and we hope you are taken back in a new way. Enjoy.

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North Brunswick Magazine Article…On Us!


Check out the recent North Brunswick Magazine article written on “small businesses that are making a large impact”. We couldn’t be happier on how it turned out and are so thankful for the exposure. Mad props to Amy, Zach, Melissa, Michelle and Kara for being an all-star team!

Check out the full article HERE.

Wiley & Mallory – Wedding Highlights

Wilmington, NC
(Video is displayed in 720P HD. Please press play, then immediately pause to let video fully load for best viewing experience)

If these aren’t the most heartfelt, emotional and powerful vows you’ve heard at a wedding, then show me where you’ve seen more honesty than this. I even left out the majority of the vows from the highlights video and this is still good. I usually don’t leave so much spoken word in a film, especially at the beginning of a highlights video, but I just couldn’t cut this stuff out. It resonated with me, with the guests in attendance, and I hope it resonates with you. I LOVE it when couples write their own vows. So much more personal.

And a little background info for the context of these words exchanged between them: Wiley and Mallory actually met in a bar! They hit it off immediately, but their cicumstances didn’t allow for a normal or “convieneint” relationship. For the entire relationship of 5 years, they sometimes lives as much as 12 hours away form each other. Againsit all odds of along distance relationship, they persevered. And it’s a beautiful “love story” as told by both of them in this highlights film.

We walked away from filming Wiley & Mallory’s wedding better people. We had a blast getting to know both of them, and filming parties like the one they had really makes us appreciate why we do what we do for a living. There was such genuine excitement all day from both of them. And by the way, it SNOWED at the beach! The day before the wedding I believe we got 4-5 inches of snow. It actually made for a pretty unique experience for everybody, because the majority of the friends and family came from out of town, and from all over the country. It was a treat for sure.

Wiley and Mallory established on All-Star team of local Wilmington vendors. Arguably the best DJ in town, Jay Tatum, rocked the house at St. Thomas Preservation Hall, and kept people dancing all night long. Kevin Millard of KMI Foto also delivered some amazing pictures of the event. Check ‘em out!

Thanks so much Wiley & Mallory for being the definition of an awesome client, and an awesome example of marriage. We hope this film takes you back, and helps you remember even more, what that day felt like. Let’s leave some comments people!

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