This is what I am so very thankful for this year and every year. But this year is different. Our lives have changed so much with the addition of our Penelope. She brings so much joy. She has given us a new perspective on what love is. I have never experienced a love quite like this. And even though there are added frustrations and new obstacles in our family, we wouldn’t have it any other way. I am thankful for my wife and best friend. For putting up with me and being the wonderful mom that she is. I am thankful for the adventure. I am thankful for these two women in my life.


I am also thankful for the friends and family we have in our lives that support us. Friends are a gift. And I’d rather have the friends we’ve been given to share life with than all the money in the world. We are rich. I am thankful for Christ. For the grace He has shown me and the gift He has given me.  I am thankful for our AWESOME Life Stage Films team. Jamie is the best studio manager out there, keeping us organized, and investing into our brides and their wedding days. She has become family. Beth, although only being with us shortly, has jumped in head first and adopted our vision, and passion for what we provide for families, and you can sense that every time you call our studio. I am thankful for our filmmakers Amy and Josiah, because that’s what they have become….filmmakers, not merely videographers. We couldn’t create what we create without talented hands and eyes behind the camera. To have them on board is not only a breath of fresh air, but our brides and families trust them. And that’s far better than the trust I have in them. I am thankful for what we have become, and where we are going. I am thankful I get to wake up, “work” in a job I enjoy, and do it with the support of everyone around us. I am also very thankful to our clients. We have had the biggest year we’ve ever had, and we wouldn’t exist as a business without all of the families, brides, grooms, and business owners that have trusted us, and chosen us out of all the options out there.

Happy Thanksgiving 2009 from Matt, Melissa, Penelope and the rest of the Life Stage Team. Even in the worst recession, we are the most blessed nation. I like to count my blessings. So, what are you most thankful for? What blessings can you count?

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  1. Here in Australia we don’t have thanksgiving.
    But chiming in anyway I’d say I’m thankful for… The Internet.

    Here’s why.

    From the opposite side of the globe I’ve been able to connect with, be inspired by, learn from and be green with envy of – some of the nicest, most talented people – who do what I do – share my passions – and hold the same philosophies and beliefs as me – and whom I would never, ever have been able to meet in ‘the real world’.

    Matt, and others like you, keep doing what you’re doing. You are touching more lives than just your brides and grooms and their families.

    God bless you all this thanksgiving.

    Shane 🙂

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