Snow at the Beach! (Starring Penelope)

Snow in Wilmington, NC is a rarity. As a beach town, everything stops. So, obviously, our productivity at work suffered today but it was worth it! After Obama’s historic inauguration speech, we scurried outside to get shots of Penelope braving the cold weather. Don’t worry, as new parents we had like…20 blankets on her. Enjoy a glimpse into our goofy lives!


  1. ryan koral says:

    you are a nut! nice vid. glad she could experience snow!

  2. OMG she is beautiful!! Look at all that snow. You guys are the best.

  3. A Tent Event / Jeff & Lavada says:

    She is Beautifull!!!!! Great video…thanks for sharing.

  4. "Miss" Jane Roberson says:

    ‘Love this clip and love the fact that you share your precious family with us!

    Penelope is adorable!

  5. Ellen LeRoy says:

    I hope you will post of Penelope often. It will be fun to watch her grow through your eyes. She was so stylish in her pink “snow” hat.

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