Sara & Lawrence – Wedding Highlights

Sea Island, Georgia

Spectacular is an understatement for this wedding. Saying the Sea Island Resort is gorgeous doesn’t do it justice. And I’d say Sara, Lawrence and their beautiful families inspired us to film some amazing moments, and we had an absolute blast all week.

As a destination wedding for Sara & Lawrence, and everyone else from Texas, they did their best to party it up, enjoy Georgia’s coast, and take in all the emotions that come with marrying your best friend and being surrounded by all your loved ones. They didn’t even let the rain slow them down. The rainbow you’ll notice in the highlights film happened right before their ceremony began. How cool is that?!

The wonderful ladies at The Cloister did an amazing job creating a magical setting for the reception, and we were all entertained by Johnny White’s band through the night. I wanted to say a quick note on where I got the inspiration to edit the beginning of the video the way I did. Sara and Lawrence chose to have a “First Look” before the ceremony, and it was very cool to see the anticipation build on Sara’s face. They honestly didn’t know there were photographers/videographers there. They were in their own little world. Well fast forward to the ceremony, and when I hear the pastor’s message on marriage by incorporating the “Velveteen Rabbit”, I immediately go back to Sara and Lawrence’s moment together before the busyness of the day began. The message was clear and you could see in Sara and Lawrence’s eyes that they’ll still look at each other the same way 50 years later, even if they are ragged ‘ol “skinhorses”.

The party was incredibly fun, and their exit with fireworks and sparklers to send them off on a yacht was a perfect ending to the perfect week in Paradise. Enjoy the film, and leave some comments! There’s something in here everyone will enjoy! Thanks so much Sara & Lawrence, for trusting us to capture all the little moments that tell your unique wedding story.

Wedding Designer/Planner – Maria Morgan, Wedding Planners, Inc.

Reception Designer/Planner – Kelly Watkins, The Cloister Hotel

Photographer: Tim Zielenbach

Band – Johnny White and the Elite Band

Song Produced by Ray Lamontagne – Buy It Here

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  1. I had the priviledge of doing a wedding at The Cloisters before its big renovation and it was glorious then too.

    Your video is fabulous ~ you captured the bride’s anticipation and the rainbow was an added bonus. Very impressive work

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