Life Stage Studio Time! (Kevin Millard Style)

Kevin Millard of KMI Wedding Photography decided he wanted to do a documentary of some of his favorite wedding vendors, of course us. :) Instead of video, he decided to do what he knows best (take photos) and try out something new (audio recording). In all honesty, he came with about 30 minutes notice to our studio during the workday and asked us questions about our day to day lives here at Life Stage, so what you hear and see is both an impromptu session as well as Kevin’s first attempt at video editing. We think it turned out well for a rookie! ;). Seriously, Kevin is hilarious and we absolutely welcomed him into our studio for the afternoon. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into our lives via the brain of Kevin Millard!


  1. Ryan koral says:

    matt – please don’t ever say it’s MY homework to watch chick flicks… my wife can easily report back to me about all the great love songs :P great job, Paco!

  2. ryan koral says:

    i meant kevin – sorry kevin – props to you… my favorite song is the same as matt’s – “my heart will go on” from the titanic.. thanks for turning me on to that, matt!

  3. Your studio looks awesome. You’d never know it was in your home. That has to make working at home a lot easier.

  4. LOVE the new blog and the peek in to your studio! Boy do I wish I had that much space! :)

  5. April Walker says:

    love the new blog design & love the workspace. the decorations are GREAT! i’m sure that makes for a very happy, tranquil working environment. thanks for sharing!!

  6. Ya’ll are so funny! Great job, Kevin! Love the new site Matt, Melissa and Jamie (Bella and Penelope too)!

  7. Very respectable couple—creative, artistic, and accomplished.

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