Laura & Tony – Wedding Highlights

Southport, NC

Nothing is finer than Carolina! Laura & Tony’s families & friends made the trek from New Jersey for a destination wedding in Southport, NC, a quaint coastal port city with just as much character as these two! The weather was hot, to be sure, but with friends gathered and drinks flowing you hardly noticed it. One of our favorite moments of the evening were when Tony’s brother, the best man, gave a very heartfelt speech. And then the dancing began! It was hard to keep up with everyone. I’d say even the parents out danced Laura & Tony and we couldn’t get them off the dance floor either! Many laughs, many tears, and lots of emotion at this wedding, and we appreciated being invited along.

Photographer: Matt McGraw

DJ: Jay Tatum, Active DJ Entertainment

Catering: Bon Appetit

Flowers: Verzaal’s

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  1. Sitting here at home 18 months later, snow on the ground and temps dropping into the teens, this video still brings me back to that picture perfect day, great times with great people (including you guys!), and the best day of my life on 6/20/2009! And who else would climb all over the floor to film 30 people with shots of vodka doing a 5 minute toast… well, besides Mr. McGraw 🙂 Great job Matt & Melissa!

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