Alex & Tabitha – E*Session Video

Anti-Recession E-Session Video! from Matt Davis on Vimeo.

View in HD Here

Alex & Tabitha were the winners of our Anti-Recession E-Session Giveaway. We just wanted to do our part to “stimulate” the wedding world and give something back to an engaged couple and promote the power of video. They randomly found our website, entered the contest, and flew all the way down from Chicago to spend an afternoon with us! That’s so cool! The video is a little quirky, but that’s just fine by me! These two were so fun to be around and get to know. I also let Alex know that I too share his affinity for Disney tunes. I sent them a questionnaire beforehand to get to know them, their interests and their personality traits. We found quite a bit to do in downtown Wilmington. A special thanks to Planet, a cool clothing store that also has tons of gadgets and random gifts. A big thanks to Daughtry’s Old Books on Front St. We also accidentally coincided our e-session with a Mardi Gras parade going through downtown. We joined them in the middle of the street! Leave your comments and let these two know what you think.

Song is by Nelo – Buy Song Here


  1. Super cute! I love how quirky and fun they are and all of the great spots you chose to shoot… fab!

  2. leslie mcneice says:

    this is so cute! great job.

  3. They were so cute… and the Disney part was hilarious. Wow. Loved it. You are a very good storyteller. :)

  4. Joe Simon says:

    Awesome E session! Loved it! What a great story, so fun and quirky.

  5. David King says:

    That was great Matt. Alex and Tabitha were the perfect subjects. Nice job!

  6. Grace says:

    I love them!!! Nice job with the video. It is fantastic. I have known them since College.. It is so great. They are so wonderful.

  7. This is so funny! Loved the Aladdin part, and the “I’ve never met anyone named Tabitha” line. Like the black background for the interviews too. Nice job!

  8. I simply loved this video, really great interview moments and great variety of shots. What a fun couple.

  9. JetKaiser says:

    They are such a cool couple. Very fun!

  10. Cathye Edwards says:

    I loved the little signs they hold up! This is fabulous! I hope you don’t mind if I share it with others.

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