Marc & Gail – Wedding Highlights

Figure Eight Island, NC

Gail has some style that’s for sure! Arguably one of the best designed and uniquely crafted weddings we have filmed. We have shot on Figure Eight many times, but never with a beautiful tent right on the waterway, and a massive, building sized tent on the Yacht Club‘s grounds. It was stunning. As always, Rogers & Gala designs and coordinates events with perfection, and it was a blast to work with Tamara Lackey Photography. So many thought out details all over the place including a seafood bar inside an actual ship on the patio, vibrant event lighting, the vintage getaway car, the custom painted dance floor with VIP couches surrounding it, and entertainment. I’m not sure what my favorite was; the gospel choir that surprised the guests during the ceremony or the incredible Big Band, Big Swing and the Ballroom Blasters. They are some of the best talent we have ever seen at a wedding. Great party. Great couple. Beautiful ceremony. And lots of family and friends. It was a “Happy Day”. Thanks Gail for choosing us to capture this incredible event, and beautiful day in you and Marc’s lives.

Sarah & Dan – Wedding Highlights

Charlotte, NC

Video Run Time – 5:20

Sarah & Dan – Wedding Highlights from Matt Davis on Vimeo.

It doesn’t get any better than this wedding. Not only because I love the families, I love the bride & groom, and that Sarah & Dan are a perfect fit, but it was An Appalachian State Wedding! (My Alma Mater)

This wedding definitely ranks as one of the most fun, rowdy, good ‘ol parties we’ve been a part of. Sarah’s family had the best piece of land to throw a tent up and have a blast (w/ fireworks too). The colors, the people involved, the food, (candy station :)) and even the overall “feel” of the day were just right. Even with some early bad weather, and the cake getting knocked over (first time I’ve seen that), nothing stopped Sarah & Dan from celebrating the right way, with everyone they love around them. I’ve known Sarah for a long time, so it was a pleasure to be a part of her day. Sarah’s grandfather administered the vows, and writes unique vows each wedding he presides over. It’s also special that he married Sarah’s parents as well. You may notice some trendy neon glasses from the 80’s. They were a big hit as well. Thanks Mr. Eaker. Sarah also SECRETLY recorded (sang) a special first dance song and Dan heard it for the first time with they danced. Awesome! I’ll post soon with Sarah’s permission. Sarah and Dan even got on board with something new we are offering our clients. We had them over a few weeks after the honeymoon to film an interview session in our studio. It served as a bit of retrospect on the day while it was still fresh in their minds. It was so cool to be able to ask them detailed questions about how they were feeling and what they were thinking at some of the bigger moment of the day. I know they will cherish their answers later and you all will get a taste of it in the highlights film. I love how it turned out, because it makes it more of a documentary of sorts. It makes it more real, more personal and hopefully allows the viewers to feel more connected to the emotions of Sarah & Dan’s day. I’m rambling, so enjoy the video Sarah & Dan. Thank you for your friendships and for inviting us into your wedding day. I felt like I was a part of the family. Leave comments for these two everybody, let them know what you think!

If you are a bride and want to see more of this intimate interview session after the wedding we are offering in our wedding films, let us know!


Kristin Vining Photography

Split Second Sound DJs

The Flower Diva

Event Planner – Michelle Vigor

Hair/Make Up Design – Heather Bryson

Mandy & Jon – Wedding Highlights

Figure Eight Island, NC

Video Run Time – 4:00

Mandy & Jon – Wedding Highlights from Matt Davis on Vimeo.

Melissa & Amy rocked out this wedding which was set right on a cove behind our bride’s grandparent’s home at Figure Eight Island, NC. The flowers, the yard, and the decor were not only the workmanship of Mandy’s grandmother, but the sunset made the evening even better. With such history for the family, what a cool place to have a wedding! Mandy & Jon chose to do something very unique for their wedding as illustrated in their highlights video. They chose to have their friends and family give short toasts on video so they could all enjoy them on a screen at the reception during dinner. It was a hit and such a cool concept! If you are perusing the blog and are interested in having this at your wedding let us know! We included just a small sampling of the heartfelt and hilarious toasts given by Mandy & Jon’s friends and family. Venue was great, food is always stellar at the Yacht Club and the band, Hip Pocket, entertained all night long! Mandy & Jon couldn’t have asked for a better day and a better team for their wedding. Congrats guys, we hope you enjoy the film and that it takes you back for years to come.


Matt McGraw Photography

Figure Eight Island Yacht Club

Hip Pocket Band