A Vintage Wedding Experience – Super 8mm Film

Life Stage Films – Super 8mm Demo from Matt Davis on Vimeo.

You would think in today’s age of HD this and HD that, people would have forgotten old film along time ago. But you see, its more popular than ever. Super 8mm and 16mm are special. Just something about it draws you in. And that translates into a very emotional experience when a wedding is filmed in vintage Super 8mm film. LifeStage is excited and proud to offer the addition of Super 8mm film for your wedding. It’s such a unique experience that we are the only wedding video studio in the region to offer it (3 that we know of in NC).

But we hear you asking, “Guys, what’s so great about it. Its so shaky, there’s no sound and its not a very high quality image. Why would I want this”?

The only response we really have is to ask yourself the feeling you get when you watch old home movies. When you watch old film. Its nostalgic. Super 8 film feels like a faded memory. And its feminine. Its not as harsh as some HD videos tend to be (not ours of course). But when you add film to an HD wedding video it adds so much character to it, it adds another dimension. Super 8mm film is perfect not only for the bride that wants something spectacular and unique, but for the bride who may not want video to begin with. Its kind of the “anti-video”. It doesn’t have the realness of video. It’s…surreal. Its hard not to feel nostalgic when watching Super 8mm films, but please don’t take our word for it. Watch our new sampler demo and let us know what you think. We would be happy to make it available to you for your wedding.

A Break from the Norm – Filming Kids!

Traveler’s Rest, SC

Carmel Baptist -Children’s Camp 2009 from Matt Davis on Vimeo.

Aside from weddings, we do a lot of corporate and church related videos as well. And Every year during the middle of summer (and middle of wedding season), we film a summer camp for Carmel Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC. Its definitely a great experience mentoring and being with the kids, but its also fun filming it because its a break from the norm. It allows us to be different. The kids have grown accustomed to having a mid-week “trailer” of sorts promoting all the fun being had and serves as a teaser for the upcoming full DVD. The theme for this year’s camp was “Boot Camp” highlighting the illustration of the “Armor of God” from the Bible. We decided to have a little fun with it. A little too much fun. :)
Sean Lee is the Children’s Director. Sorry Sean, speaking in Korean was all “for the kids”. Thanks for being a good sport! Yes, its a little corny, but we think you’ll enjoy it!

P.S. No children were harmed during the making of this film. ;)

Wedding Channel “Bridal Blog Awards” Finalist!

Someone out there likes us! Seems we were nominated a few times for the Wedding Channel’s “Bridal Blog Awards” for Best Wedding Vendor Blog. Over 200 blogs were nominated and then the Wedding Channel Team picked their favorite 5 and wrote why they loved us and why each vendor was a great contributor the the wedding industry. Here is what they had to say about Life Stage!

Why We Love It: Watching their videos will make you feel as though you were right there for all the best moments of a wedding, and their anecdotal tales of bonding with each couple they work with truly show their passion and dedication to making dream weddings come true. Plus, there’s nothing like seeing great details in action if you’re looking for true inspiration.”

Very humbled and honored to be in the mix for such an award. We came in a VERY close second, but we appreciate so many of you taking the time to vote and support us in our small but important corner of the world. :) If anything, we hope we were able to promote the fact that wedding videos are not only important, but fun! They don’t have to be boring or cheesy. They just need to be a reflection of you. And we are honored to form such awesome relationships with our clients at every wedding.